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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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Gree - a globally leading enterprise of air-conditioners - has announced two new floor-standing models; GF-24IPH and 48FWITH, now in more affordable prices.
According to Techsci Research, Global white goods manufacturers have the opinion on increase prices to make air-conditioner and refrigerator variants that will use the new HCFC technology.
Mega construction activities in the areas of hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, and leisure and entertainment would create huge opportunities for air-conditioner players in the country.
Government and private companies have announced various mega development projects such as educational institutions, hotels, office spaces, and expansion and development of cities in the country, which is expected to create a lucrative market for air-conditioner manufacturers and suppliers over the next five years.
Strong air-conditioner sales are expected to lead revenue growth in July; air conditioners, Liao emphasized, account for 35-40% of all revenues from household appliances.
The shift will make the Thai firm a backbone of its air-conditioner business, Mitsubishi Heavy said.
It's obvious that we may be forced to shut down window air-conditioner facility next year, and retrench labour if the situation does not change," says PEL's General manager (Manufacturing) Homaeer Waheed.
Air-conditioner warranties range from one year for complete parts and labor, to five years for the compressor.
On August 5, 2016, Panasonic Corporation began its demonstration experiment of the Green Air-Conditioner (currently under development) together with the Minato Ward in Shimbashi Station's East Exit Plaza (also known as the SL Plaza) as part of efforts to help mitigate the urban heat island effect, to provide relief from the heat and comfort in the summer.
1,500 crore worth business, or 10 percent of the Indian air-conditioner market.
Daikin will set up two companies in Shanghai -- one to manufacture commercial-use air conditioners and another to manufacture large air-conditioner equipment -- in July, investing a total of about 3 billion yen.
Japan is an overlord in household air-conditioner field worldwide thanks to its most advanced technology in the core upstream component--compressor.
4 Development Trend of China Car Air-Conditioner Market
According to China Refrigeration Air-Conditioner Industrial Association, 9.