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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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Though it does not feature Nanoe technology, the new window type inverter air-con boasts of features such as sleep mode, powerful mode, and anti-bacterial core filter.
Ensure >summer "Our team of experts here at Davidsons of Morpeth are on hand to thoroughly clean the unit as part of the air-con cleansing service, removing bacteria build-up and leaving your car fresh and cool all summer long.
With the roof-top solar arrays, homes and offices are progressively being fitted and the power these set up generate may not be sufficient to run ovre a small air-con unit but that is not really the point.
SZ-T adds sat-nav with DAB digital radio, polished 17-inch alloy wheels, dual zone automatic air-con, front fog lamps, Bluetooth, rear privacy glass, silver roof rails and silver skid plates, rear parking camera and parking sensors.
With the design, unit owners at Primavera Residences can save on air-con consumption by 32 percent.
Acenta models, priced from PS19,145, come with dual-zone auto air-con, leather steering wheel, 17-inch alloy wheels and a luggage board system.
Equipment is the same as the Sport Tech model so includes climate control air-con, a Bose sound system, integrated hands-free Bluetooth set-up, cruise control and front fog lights.
A special feature on the Corsa's version allows the driver to select whether or not to keep the air-con running while the engine is off.
It is the first of nearly 200 air-con trains that will serve 40% of the London Underground network by 2015.
Although the air-con and radio were switched off as a concession to fuel saving, BMW claims that this was a real life test with an average speed of 59.
DRIVERS are being warned not to shut down their cars' air-con systems to try to off-set rising fuel costs.
7 diesel complete with air-con, and at just pounds 14,995 is laughably cheap.
Air-con should be switched on at least once a week to help reduce the build-up of fungal spores which multiply within a car's ventilation system while it isn't being used.
It provides air purifying capability proven to be 10% better than any other air-con unit currently available.
Walang baras, centralized air-con ang buong garahe at may ambulansya, may pagka-spoiled ang mamayang ito,' he said.