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a turbine that is driven by the wind

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On one hand prices of diesel, petrol, kerosene and LPG are shooting up and on the other hand Air Turbine Fuel (ATF) is only Rs58.
The company is supplying a variety of products for the 747-8, including the cabin pressure control system, the electric power system, emergency ram air turbine system, auxiliary power unit and emergency signage, as well as fire detection and overheat systems, supplied by Hamilton Sundstrand subsidiary, Kidde Aerospace.
Hamilton Sundstrand supplies the A400M's Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Center (SEPDC), Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Ram Air Turbine (RAT) emergency power system.
com)-- New technology, constant high speed air turbine spindles for machine tools and robotics applications are now available in the UK and Ireland.
It features a lightweight design and connects to any two- and four-hole air turbine coupling, eliminating the need for counter space or extra foot controls.
Before you play with this "new kid on the block," beware that the new aerial refueling store improved power system (ARSIPS) ram air turbine (RAT), which will be installed on your old aerial refueling buddy store, weighs twice as much as the present one.
The tool, mounted to a robot or CNC machine, has an air turbine motor that utilizes clean, dry, filtered, non-lubricated air that can be vented into the workplace.
When noise measurements are not being conducted, the cold air turbine embedded in the tower can be used as an efficient, eco-friendly source of energy.
Torres-Melero et al reported a case of pneumomediastinum resulting from dental work with a high-speed air turbine drill.
But, new air turbine handpieces were reaching the profession.
The air turbine motor/spindle setup employs a pivot bearing that permits radial movement of the deburring tool to accommodate handling varied surfaces.
Fairchild Controls Corporation designs and manufactures environmental controls and air turbine drives for military and commercial applications.
In 2005, Solair partnered with Hycom Netherlands to support recertification and calibration for all their Ram Air Turbine (R.
Tenders are invited for Advertisement Tender Air Turbine Spindle (Minimum Rpm: 65000 + 10% / Maximum Working Pressure: 6.
The company and its subsidiaries supply a range of systems for this multipurpose new-generation airlifter, including the A400M's Auxiliary Power Unit, Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Center, Ram Air Turbine emergency power system, Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator, Throttle Control Assembly, Cockpit and Load Master Workstation Lighting.