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a turbine that is driven by the wind

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The high speed rotor head is one of the key components of dental air turbines. There are some studies which numerically investigated the influence of the Air turbine blade shape and flow channel design on the turbine performance [10-11].
In the choices, air turbine ranks top for high speed light load application, particularly for prototype testing where simple and cheap cost overtake efficiency.
The technique was more effective in case of high speed air turbine hand piece followed by ultrasonic scalar, triple syringe and oral rinse source respectively.
2015 marks 100 years since Oscar Onsrud and his son Rudy introduced the world's first air turbine hand router and began a family dynasty in woodworking machinery--one that has continued through five generations of the Onsrud family.
PanaAirFX is dramatically more powerful than its predecessors thanks to the combination of NSK's air turbine simulation technologies.
The post-flight inspection revealed the regulator solenoid in the air turbine start control valve backed out of its housing, allowing uncontained bleed-air to enter the start assembly.
Other products on display include UTC Aerospace Systems' rescue hoist, VIP seating, cockpit control, actuation, ram air turbine and airborne reconnaissance capabilities.
24 quoted an Air India official as saying there was a "problem with the engine and some of its blades have broken." A spokesman for GE said later that the problem was not with the GEnx Engine on the plane, but with the ram air turbine, an auxiliary generator used to provide electrical power in emergency situations.
He attributed this to the spiralling cost of air turbine fuel, economic slow-down, devaluation of rupee, low yield, high operational costs and the consequent widening gap between revenue and expenditure.
North Carolina USA-based UTC Aerospace Systems said ti has been selected by Dassault Aviation to supply the ram air turbine system the SmartProbe air data system the fire protection system and the throttle control unit for its latest Falcon 5X business jet.
These include: engines, electrics, Ram Air Turbine, landing gear and braking, fuel and cabin pressurisation as well as a preliminary assessment of the autopilot and auto-land functions.
The minister pointed out that the second project is under planning and designing stage by EWA to build an experimental power plant, which consists of photovoltaic panels (3MW) and air turbine (about 2MW).
" Air turbine fuel prices increased by 13 per cent in the quarter year- on- year against a rise of just three per cent in the previous quarter.
Hamilton Sundstrand and its subsidiaries supply a wide range of systems for this multipurpose new-generation airlifter, including the A400M's Auxiliary Power Unit, Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Center, Ram Air Turbine emergency power system, Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator, Throttle Control Assembly, Cockpit and Load Master Workstation Lighting, and an eight-bladed 17.5-foot diameter Propeller System, the largest all-composite propeller in production.