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According to the Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers' Union (Paseek) the incident occurred at around 1.30pm.
They say, while the air traffic controllers have the right to strike, their actions are preventing flights passing through French airspace.
Air Traffic Controller Guild President Javed Hanif alleged that Iqbal was 'mistreated' during his detention owing to which he could not perform duty and hence called for suspension in flight operations.
The inquest heard both pilots and the four air traffic controllers on duty were properly licensed, and none had medical conditions that would have affected flight safety.
Air traffic controllers held about 27,000 jobs in 2010.
Reagan's demand was not an empty political play; it was leadership, pure and simple." Clearly, many conservatives regard Reagan's firing of the air traffic controllers as a turning point in their battle with organized labor.
Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, air traffic controllers earn relatively high pay and good benefits.
In fact, several other countries, including Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Australia, allow their air traffic controllers to take naps during breaks.
A minute later, the air traffic controller was stood down.
Also there was no rule on what a pilot should give priority to -- an air traffic controller's direction or TACS signals.
Organiser Al Beattie, 44, who lives in Saar with his family, is an air traffic controller in Bahrain with SERCO IAL Ltd.
It is obvious that not only the number of aircraft operated, but also by the quantity and complexity of tasks handled determines the air traffic controller's workload.
The ability of the air traffic control system to handle expected traffic in coming years may depend in part on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) effectiveness in planning for a long-expected wave of air traffic controller retirements.
Chambers was selected as the 2003 Air Forces Atlantic Air Traffic Controller of the Year.
During a six-minute control tower power outage at Pittsburgh International Airport on January 31, an air traffic controller had to use a pay phone to call other airports and tell them to hold flights to Pittsburgh.
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