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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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Our stunning new Air Traffic Control Tower, which is an integral part of this development programme, will be one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art facilities in the world, thanks to the systems from Thales," stated Ahmed Al Haddabi, Adac's senior vice president of Airport Operations.
The Federal Aviation Administration and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioned Jacobs of Arlington, Virginia, to design a new, modern air traffic control tower for LaGuardia Airport to replace the existing air traffic control tower, cab and base building.
The new space officially opened today after a celebratory ribbon cutting, and includes new foam tile flooring, scenic graphics on the wall, a propeller ceiling fan, an illuminated air traffic control tower, toys, and even a replica Spectrum Health AeroMed helicopter where kids can get behind the controls and experience life as a pilot.
The new air traffic control tower is located at Terminal 2 and will be put into operations right after its official opening on Wednesday, taking over the duties of the airport older tower at Terminal 1.
From our vantage point in the current air traffic control tower we will be able to see progress every day, and it promises to be an exciting new addition to the airport landscape.
The company added that at London International Airport the limited height of the air traffic control tower and the steady pace of pilots training with small aircraft at a nearby flight school contribute to a non-optimal level of visibility of the controlled airport areas.
The pilot and co-pilot ejected, leaving the jet to skid off into the car park and air traffic control tower at RAF Cranwell, Lincs.
An air traffic control tower, two theatres, a shopping centre and a residential street are among structures on the shortlist for the 2008 RICS North East Renaissance Awards.
Just prior to the South Korean airliner's unauthorized departure run, the air traffic control tower issued a takeoff authorization for a helicopter from the helipad located on a taxiway, the officials said.
The project will include reconfiguring runways and adding an air traffic control tower, among other things.
The plane, carrying 131 passengers and eight crew from Lisbon, was on its approach to the mid-Atlantic islands when a cockpit alarm and the air traffic control tower warned the pilot of an imminent collision with a small plane crossing its path.
The storms forced Barcelona Airport to close for most of the day and even when it re-opened later, the air traffic control tower was flooded and out of use.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-31 January 2002-New air traffic control tower for Kristiansund (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The major elements of the JFK redevelopment include a new air traffic control tower, a redesigned on-airport roadway network, an airport utilities improvement program and an automated people-mover system linking the passenger terminals and a planned transit access system now being developed by the Port Authority.
Knight E/A's project portfolio includes Chicago's Kennedy Expressway, Midway Airport's new air traffic control tower and the Chicago Marine Safety Station.
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