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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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The new air traffic control tower at Stockholm's Arlanda airport is reportedly making the air traffic controllers sick.
Al-Hamdan made his comments when he visited the airport, its Haj and Umrah lounges and air traffic control tower. He said that air traffic controllers guide pilots in takeoffs and landings through modern integrated systems and devices using advanced technologically to provide best navigational services.
However, the full benefit of the new air traffic management system will be available once the new system migrates to the Air Traffic Control Tower, which will be opened soon, sources added.
The firm's scope of work includes a modern passenger terminal with a capacity to handle 500,000 passengers per annum, a 37-metre high air traffic control tower, and an air cargo terminal equipped to handle 25,000 tonnes of cargo per annum.
On January 14 San Francisco International Airport (IATA: SFO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) celebrated a milestone in the construction of its new Air Traffic Control Tower.
THE new PS10 million air traffic control tower at Birmingham Airport has been crowned the region's property project of the year.
The construction of a new air traffic control tower at Sofia airport has finally been completed, its official inauguration due on Wednesday.
For instance, since the time when the contract was awarded, KyrgyzAeroNavigatsia (Kyrgyz Air Navigation State Enterprise) requested, and the United States agreed, to include an uninterruptible power source and a fresh water well for the air traffic control tower. These items were not a part of KAN's original request, but the United States was able to accommodate based on the management reserve.
The company added that at London International Airport the limited height of the air traffic control tower and the steady pace of pilots training with small aircraft at a nearby flight school contribute to a non-optimal level of visibility of the controlled airport areas.
Suffolk Construction has kicked off an expanded $28.1 million project to build a new air traffic control tower and 35,000-square-foot terminal for Barnstable Municipal Airport.
"The air traffic control tower is a part of the $6.8 billion (Dh25 billion) redevelopment plan for Abu Dhabi International Airport," he said.
The development plans include a visually spectacular 109-metre tall, 20-storey Air Traffic Control Tower.
Mr Murray said the only person in the air traffic control tower was an air controller who was distracted by maintenance crews.
Just prior to the South Korean airliner's unauthorized departure run, the air traffic control tower issued a takeoff authorization for a helicopter from the helipad located on a taxiway, the officials said.
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