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To enrich the information on the neighborhood environment, which may be related to air toxic concentrations, we linked to census data using the block group pertaining to the index participant's birth address.
This Study begins the effort by examining the agency-court-interest group interactions in an entire set of air toxic emission standards promulgated under the Clean Air Act by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
The newly announced regulations would set emissions limits for formaldehyde, benzene, acrolein and other air toxics from certain stationary diesel and gas-fired engines.
Bar charts depicting relationships between high air toxic emissions and high leukemia incidence rates were created.
Composite Wood Air Toxic Control Measure Formaldehyde Emission Ceilings & Implementation Schedule PHASE 1 LIMITS 1-1-09 Hrdwd Plywd w/Veneer Core 0.08 1-1-09 Particleboard 0.18 1-1-09 MDF 0.21 1-1-09 Thin MDF 0.21 7-1-09 Hrdwd Plywd w/Composite Core 0.08 PHASE 2 LIMITS 1-1-10 Hrdwd Plywd w/Veneer Core 0.05 1-1-11 Particleboard 0.09 1-1-11 MDF 0.11 1-1-12 Thin MDF 0.13 7-1-12 Hrdwd Plywd w/Composite Core 0.05 Note: Limits based on the large chamber test method (ASTM E1333-96) in parts per million.
The EPA said that once the new standards are fully implemented, they should reduce emissions of mobile source air toxics by 330,000 tons each year.
Still, numerous opportunities exist for companies, local governments, and citizen's groups to participate in developing federal and state policies and regulations implementing the new NAAQS/non-attainment and air toxics laws.
Industry in these areas will experience increased regulatory pressure to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (if they haven't already felt this pressure because of air toxic emission control requirements).
* Within New Jersey, however, counties with high air toxic risk ratios did not appear to have higher leukemia incidence rates.
SACRAMENTO, CA -- The California Air Resources Board has pushed back the deadline for voting on its proposed Composite Wood Air Toxic Control Measure until Jan.
Chief operating officer, Mark Matthews, stated, "Quanterra's air toxic business has grown nearly 100% in the last two years.
Publicly owned treatment works are coming under increasing scrutiny as sources of air toxic emissions, and aggressive air toxic control programs are being initiated by regulatory agencies.
Most recently, Pavlish has served as a senior research advisor and the director of the multiyear, multimillion dollar Center for Air Toxic Metals (CATM) Programme at the EERC.
15 VLC: "Technology-forcing Regulations: VOC and Air Toxic Controls on Paints and Coatings Products" 1:00-2:00 pm (ET)