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Bar charts depicting relationships between high air toxic emissions and high leukemia incidence rates were created.
Composite Wood Air Toxic Control Measure Formaldehyde Emission Ceilings & Implementation Schedule PHASE 1 LIMITS 1-1-09 Hrdwd Plywd w/Veneer Core 0.
The EPA said that once the new standards are fully implemented, they should reduce emissions of mobile source air toxics by 330,000 tons each year.
Industry in these areas will experience increased regulatory pressure to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (if they haven't already felt this pressure because of air toxic emission control requirements).
These approaches use statistical measures of inequality to determine the change in the population distribution of air toxic risks.
The indicators provided important geographic information about the distribution of leukemia and air toxics.
Quanterra Incorporated has announced that the continued expansion of its air toxics business will be supported by moving from City of Industry to a larger facility in nearby Santa Ana, California.
The new standards are expected to reduce emissions of mobile source air toxics annually by 350,000 tons.
In an amendment to Rule 1402 - Control of Air Toxic Contaminants from Existing Sources - the South Coast Air Quality District board voted 8-1 to reduce the ``maximum allowable cancer risk'' from factories and other businesses from 100-in-1 million to 25-in-1 million.
coal-fired power plants invest heavily in equipment to fulfill the new air toxic rules.
The authors note that these results are consistent with findings from a previous national study that analyzed the relationship between black/white residential segregation and ambient air toxic exposure in U.
New programs include a clean air Toxic Monitoring Program and the National Environmental Technology Competition designed to foster public-private partnerships.
New source MACT may include the use of add-on control equipment or implementation of specific work practices to reduce air toxic emissions.
The 1990 Clean Air Act (CAA) may force many foundries to close or move offshore due to their inability to meet regulations on air toxic compounds which take effect by the turn of the century.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) a $399,000 grant to conduct air toxics measurement in environmental justice communities adjacent to the I-70/I-25 freeway interchange area in the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods of Denver.
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