air-to-surface missile

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a missile designed to be launched from an airplane at a target on the ground

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JAMS is responsible for executing the mission (life-cycle manager from cradle to grave) for the following programs: Hellfire/Longbow Missile Program, Hydra 2.75 rockets, Viper Strike, Advanced Precision Kill Weapons Systems, Joint Air to Ground Missile, rotary aviation launchers, and related support equipment.
"You want a flying fortress with Air to Ground missiles? Well you got it buddy." - Invision
These types include air to ground missiles, surface to air missiles, guided bombs, precision artillery; direct energy weapons and sensor fused weapons among others.
The most advanced Pakistani fighter F-16s were used for launching the air-to-air missiles against Indian fighter jets defending air space while the Mirage IIIs were used for launching air to ground missiles in the attacks.
The MQ1's principal weaponry is two AGM 114 Hellfire air to ground missiles. Designed as a heliborne anti-tank missile - the Hellfire (HELicopter-Launched FIRE-and-forget missile) has a range of 8 km.