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Soil temperature remained higher than air temperature for 15, 11, and 12 hours for the forested, cleared, and sheared plots, respectively.
The experimental conditions for the overall research project, including the physical and human response measurements, involved different combinations of UFAD supply air temperature (22[degrees]C and 18[degrees]C [72[degrees]F and 64[degrees]F]) and PV supply air temperature (22[degrees]C and 26[degrees]C [71.
5, even if the outdoor air temperature was low, it was necessary to maintain a high condensing pressure, consuming an excessive amount of compressor power.
The second major factor has been warmer summertime air temperatures.
Air temperatures and volumes controlled to dry chips to specified levels and prevent melting or fusing.
Since the pools were only tens of centimeters deep, the bubbles are good proxies for air temperature, she adds.
Due to outdoor air temperature variations, indoor air temperature may be out of the comfort range temporarily during the work day in office buildings.
The high air supply temperature compared to the conventional overhead supply air temperature of 12[degrees]C to 14[degrees]C (53.
Seven indicators are rising: air temperature over land, sea surface temperature, air temperature over oceans, sea level, ocean heat, humidity and tropospheric temperature in the 'active-weather' layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface.
com)-- The ATVS-2020 hot wire anemometer system is a lightweight, portable, automated air temperature and air velocity scanner.
8] designed two controllers for controlling the indoor air temperature of a car, the general fuzzy controller and the state feedback with weighting fuzzy controller.
However, at 50-degree soil temperature, hot crops slow way down (remember, the air temperature for more than 12 hours daily is much cooler).
In another study, Shambaugh and Bansal (20) showed good agreement between measured fiber diameters and profiles of centerline air temperature and velocity.
To determine the radiant distribution on absorbing surface (shown in terms of air temperature in the drying chamber), the 0.