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The main goal of this study was to increase awareness about the impact of meteorological variables on health in a densely populated area in China, by relating hospital outpatient admissions for CVD to outside air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, and rainfall in the urban area ofZunyi during the period from 2007 to 2009.
The air temperature stratification in the two offices is less than 2 [degrees]F (1.2 [degrees]C) as shown in Figure 4.
which [I.sub.A] is De Martonne aridity index, P is the total annual precipitation (mm), and [T.sub.a] is the mean annual air temperature ([degrees]C).
Climate variables including mean air minimum temperature, mean air temperature, mean air maximum temperature and monthly precipitation in the same year were involved in the models.
Properly designed, containment will allow you to duct hotter air to the CRAC units and the hotter return air temperatures allow the CRAC unit to operate more efficiently, closer to ARI ratings.
The lowest morning air temperature mostly between 10 and 15, in the south of the country up to 18 degrees.
That's because most forecasts use air temperatures, which do not take into account how cold, or warm, we actually feel when we go outside.
Air temperature in southern part of the country, namely Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions it will fall to -3-.-8 at nights and will range between 0...+5 during daytime.
The thermal load in exterior zones varies between cooling load and heating load based on outdoor air temperature while the thermal load in interior zones is always cooling.
They can reduce the ambient air temperature from 1[degrees]C to 1.5[degrees]C (1.8[degrees]F to 2.7[degrees]F), which leads to less other outdoor water uses.
Air temperature and pressure differences can seriously affect the velocity of the bullet.
Increasing the inlet air temperature causes reduction in ignition delay period, which reduces the premixed burning phase and decreases the engine cylinder temperature thereby reducing in NOx emission.