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an attendant on an airplane

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It's a venture by long-haul air stewardess Kelly Phillips and her business partner Louise Waring, who are both from Chester.
It's a venture by long-haul air stewardess Kelly Phillips and her business partner, Louise Waring, who are both from Chester.
Footage broadcast by Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser showed the woman escorted off the plane arguing with a Civil Guard officer and an air stewardess before being led away with her partner.
The air stewardess and her Romanian friend left a hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai about 11pm and where about to get into a taxi when the off-duty officer pulled up and told the cab driver to leave as it was blocking the road.
The air stewardess Marina Zhelyamova, 37, who was injured, is being treated at a Dubai hospital.
A British air stewardess who lost her cool with a resident in Dubai has been fined by a court.
London, May 13 ( ANI ): Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson got dressed up as an air stewardess in fishnet tights and red lipstick after losing a bet to Air Asia chief executive Tony Fernandes.
A LIVERPOOL air stewardess tried to smuggle cigarettes into the UK through Manchester airport.
On the air stewardess sacked for being drunk Drinking to the early hours of the morning - in Dubai?
This bad boy rapper bit, kicked and punched air stewardess Lauren Smith, leaving her future career in doubt.
Rav, 30, a serving detective who asks viewers for help in catching criminals, got engaged to Virgin air stewardess Lauren Alcorn, 26, after a whirlwind romance.
IT'S been 40 years since former Coventry air stewardess Rosalind Chatterley was the heroine when a jet crashed at Heathrow Airport.
Air stewardess Diana, 28, won the money on quiz programme Cash Call in March.