paranasal sinus

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any of the paired sinuses in the bones of the face adjacent to the nasal cavity that are lined with mucous membrane that is continuous with the lining of the nasal cavities

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The morphology of the sphenoid air sinus from childhood to early adulthood (1 to 25 years) utilizing 3D reconstructed images.
Various types of intrasinus (axessory or partial) septa of the sphenoidal air sinus (axial and midsagittal views).
warned, that surgery in this area should always be done under consideration of the sphenoid air sinus pneumatization, in order to avoid damage of the optic nerve and internal carotid artery.
Few studies have classified the sphenoid air sinus (Wang et al.), however the conventional and widely accepted classification by Hammer and Radberg (1961) is used in most studies.
The air sinus is often described as an asymmetrical pair (Anusha et al.), separated by a septum which commonly deviates to one side (Tan & Ong, 2007; Anusha et al.).
Only one study analyzed the sphenoid air sinus utilizing three dimensional reconstructed images (Li et al.).
"It was in an awkward place in the air sinus. What was going through my mind was whether we could take it out from the route it went in, or whether we would need to operate from underneath, through the mouth"The fact it went in with the thickest end first maybe saved his eyeball because it was smooth and rounded.
Presence/Absence of the maxillary air sinus. The maxillary sinus was present bilaterally in n=477 individuals (99.4%) and absent bilaterally in n=3 individuals (0.6%).