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Synonyms for airship


Synonyms for airship

a steerable self-propelled aircraft

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To avoid a second arranged marriage, Catherine becomes Cat, disguises her gender and status, and flees to the gritty shipyards to stow away on one of the air ships she has long watched from her bedroom window.
This assention creates Alcoa Fastening Systems as a nexus cooperate with COMAC in the growth and processing of its business C919 air ship," declared AFS President Vitaliy Rusakov.
Air ships have been suggested as a viable alternative to hauling large amounts of cargo, delivering supplies like building materials, heating fuel, groceries, and medical supplies to remote and First Nations communities.
LM: National trade and defense experts are now taking massive cargo air ships seriously.
Among its most conspicuous features is the 30-meter-high minaret which in addition to its traditional function of carrying out the muezzin's calls to prayers, works as a lighthouse, offering much-valued assistance to watercrafts, boats and air ships.
Q My son has four vintage Star Trek air ships and 10 figures.
Col Edward Kaharik, III, Hybrid Air Ships Program, USTRANSCOM
Because air shipping is expensive, consumers will shift purchases away from the firm that air ships in proportion to the price elasticity of demand.
Whether it's the air ships floating above the city or its inhabitants, whose dress seems inspired by Captain Hook, Planesrunner is a visually, if densely, written tale of sci-fi suspense that ponders big questions with wonderment and heart.
Working closely with military commanders, the department had also been able to buy and field 13 smaller aerostats, or air ships built by Lockheed Martin Corp and other companies, to provide continuous surveillance over military bases in Afghanistan, Lemnios said.
To construct the Houston dome, heavy-lifting helicopters and helium-filled air ships would be used to construct the pieces on top of the 1,500 foot tall building.