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Synonyms for scrubber

a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface (usually a floor or deck)

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a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning

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a purifier that removes impurities from a gas

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However, we cannot exclude the possibility that WCTs, air scrubbers, or both in the vicinity of the BWTP disseminated L.
The guide addresses basic concepts such as the difference between an air scrubber and a negative air machine.
According to the company, the ReNew Air Scrubber programme is helping organisations to create a safer working environment for plant workers, lower the total cost to operate, save water and improve the odour profile of processing facilities.
Adopting an interdisciplinary approach means that several methodologies such as HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers, thermography, infrared imaging and baking soda blasting will all become ingrained as procedures in the protocol for mold removal and eradication.
Negative Air Scrubbers are used for remediating asbestos, sealed air work, and to filter wildfire smoke.
The industrial emissions were completely controlled as PAK-EPA had installed cameras on the chimneys of industrial units and the entire sector was monitored online, adding the steel industries had also installed air scrubbers in their vents to accumulate dark carbon, she said.
As mist eliminators are installed to remove liquid from different gas streams, and are regularly found in cooling towers, ventilation systems and air scrubbers, it is gaining a huge recognition across all regions.
To remove unwanted smell there are various types of deodorizers are used such as thermal fogging, air scrubbers to make the space smell fresh and clean for a long period of time.
Most restorative drying projects require demolition, and the use of air filtration devices (AFDs -- i.e., air scrubbers, HEPA filtration devices and negative air machines), a practice strongly recommended in the S500.
Pullman Ermator manufactures dust and slurry management solutions including dust extractor systems, dry/wet vacuums, and air scrubbers for the light construction industry.
An orphan and former ward of the state, she exists by working in the local factory, making what she thinks are air scrubbers. When she is not in the factory, she scavenges the ruins, exploring long-vacant buildings and daring to hold onto the glimmer of a dream that things might be different.