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Synonyms for scrubber

a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface (usually a floor or deck)

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a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning

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a purifier that removes impurities from a gas

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ReNew Air Scrubber program is helping organizations create a safer working environment for plant workers, lower the total cost to operate, save water and improve the odor profile of processing facilities.
Adopting an interdisciplinary approach means that several methodologies such as HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers, thermography, infrared imaging and baking soda blasting will all become ingrained as procedures in the protocol for mold removal and eradication.
17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A portable air scrubber that offers advanced, multi-stage filtration options in a compact, versatile unit is now available from Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.
Prior to treating, ASD will also use a HEPA air scrubber machine to clean the air and remove airborne toxins.
The indoor air scrubber has been tested and found to be effective in removing various chemicals, biological media such as mold, heavy metals, dust, and animal odors within an attractive and quiet cartridge system for use in a home or office.
Preliminary investigation revealed that an accumulation of steelmaking particulate in the BOF vessel's air scrubber system may have become dislodged and dropped into the operating vessel.
At another recently completed cleaning project, a client in Pasadena stated: “We hired BCS to deliver air scrubbers and to clean following an extremely dusty floor replacement project.
Air scrubbers then clean the air, after which it is fed back into the oven.
Equipment such as melting furnaces, grinders, and air scrubbers combined with sometimes inflexible processes like the need to finish, weld, and form product create complicated environments.
The very next morning (on a Saturday), we brought in scaffolding, air scrubbers and an army of over 150 restoration specialists, including HVAC duct cleaning experts, for a 12-hour shift to restore the indoor environment to an acceptable condition.
installed millions of dollars worth of air scrubbers and water purifying equipment to alleviate the problem.
Air scrubbers remove 87 percent of the pollutant from the air before it's released, according to tests conducted in 1999, said Erwin, the permit writer.
Inside the remediation area variable speed archival grade HEPA vacuums and traditional air scrubbers removed the mold spores from the air, and dehumidifiers and refrigerants maintained temperatures between 69 and 72 degrees, and relative humidity between 35% and 40%.