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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Unlike a lot of air rifles, it does not reset after every shot (which makes sense on a semiauto).
Big-bore air rifles (and hunting with them) are nothing new, a fact the Mandan Indians could attest to after seeing Meriwether Lewis's 22-shot .
Mandy (left) added: "We don't know if it was an accident or malicious, and want to raise awareness of the dangers of air rifles.
22 air rifles were in individual cases - two older black and brown models with black coloured sights on top, and an Air Arms 200 model with a black Stirling scope on top.
Product Sub-Category: Air Rifles And Pistol And Accessories,
Anyone with information or who has been offered the air rifles for sale should contact Northumbria Police on 101 ext 69191.
177-caliber air rifles to statewide 4-H Shooting Sports programs, and plans to auction the .
In addition to the walnut stock, which includes an adjustable butt pad, this top-of-the-range air rifle is regulated, has a 10 shot multi-shot magazine system, BSA's famous 'Bolas' bolt action along with a pressure gauge, and 200cc air bottle for increased shot count.
Rachel Knight, prosecuting, said police found six air rifles, two of which Johns confirmed he had used regularly to help a local farmer keep vermin down, in containers.
Even though the air rifles have a double recoil spring piston, readings taken at both ends of the air-gun against the dynamometer were extremely low.
Earlier on Tuesday, Narang and Bindra won gold for India in the Pairs 10 m Air Rifle Mens event.
The guns, Weihrauch HW 100 air rifles, were taken from the hotel's fishing and shooting lodge and police believe at least two men may have been involved.
Gaynor, whose childhood image adorned posters and magazine advertisements for Daisy air rifles in the 1940s, died this March, at 74.
Police removed two air rifles from the semidetached house.
Developed Italian engineers and designers, these high-power air rifles embody the fine styling of quality European sporting arms combined with rugged ergonomic design and quality manufacture.