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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Air rifles, including this one, have enough velocity to injure people or pets neighboring this backyard.
Hazard: The air rifles can fire unexpectedly when closing the action during the cocking process.
But yesterday the 40-year-old admitted two offences relating to his illegal possession of a Webley Crosman Ratcatcher air rifle and a Gamal Cadet air rifle on May 18.
The advert showed a picture of an air rifle with the claims "ultimate pest controller" and "max legal limit".
The judge, sitting at Mold Crown Court, said that no firearm certificate was needed for air rifles and he had never really understood why.
The warning was issued after a police Land Rover was fired on by an air rifle or pellet gun at Dunmurry on the outskirts of South Belfast on Wednesday night.
Description: The recalled air rifles are the following GAMO models: Hunter Pro, Hunter Sport, Shadow Sport, and F1200.
The total included a replica Magnum revolver, three rifles, 12 shotguns, an imitation rifle, 10 air pistols, 10 air rifles, 486 shotgun cartridges, four starting pistols and more 1,000 blank bullets, as well as a sheath knife and a seven-inch dagger, plus a mace and chain commonly used in martial arts training.
I have lost count of the number of stories I have personally been involved with or have read concerning air rifles.
Beeman makes a wide range of both sporting and match air rifles and air pistols, as well as many airgun accessories.
Tough new curbs on air rifles and shotguns will be considered by the Government.
Adding to an already extensive lineup of adult air rifles, Beeman has just launched the model RX, a magnum airsporter that also incorporates the Theoben system.
Although today's PCP rifles are generally much less powerful than those of centuries gone by, they are still among the most potent of all air rifles produced at this time, easily surpassing the power levels of spring piston, CO2 and traditional pump-up pneumatic rifles.
The air rifles can discharge unexpectedly when the user closes the barrel, posing a serious risk of injury to consumers and bystanders.
FIVE air rifles and ammunition were found at the Coventry home of a man banned for life from owning firearms.