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something that purifies or cleans

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an apparatus for removing impurities

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9% of the total air purifier shipments in China in 2014, however, the shipment shares taken by smart air purifiers are forecast to grow to 13.
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) remains the most preferred technology in the air purifier space largely driven by China's Air Purifier market requiring removal of particulate matter, emissions, smoke and dust from the indoor air.
The Kasugai City-based company in Japan's Aichi Prefecture is developing specific IAQ products and solutions for the region and is confident of achieving double-digit sales growth this year due to rising demand of its air purifier products in the Middle East.
The cost of the Air Purifier vary from Rs 14,990 to Rs 39,990.
By 2001, the Japanese air purifier market had grown to about 1.
Gaurav Bhatnagar, a 33-year-old media executive from India, also said the use of an air purifier at home had benefited his family.
After using an air purifier, many people report sleeping better, having more energy, being more alert and creative, breathing better, and just feeling better overall.
The recently improved "Fresh Air" by EcoQuest is a high quality air purifier used by the Gerson Institute for many years.
She'd test room air purifiers, plus a personal air purifier that hangs around the neck, After people were exposed to these devices, Otana would measure their pulmonary function, which would be her dependent variable, or the factor that responds to a change in the independent variable.
Blueair has tapped into consumers' gaining energy concerns with its new ECO10 air purifier, which the company claims is the world's most efficient air purifier because it operates at high speed on 10 watts of power, compared with the average of 150 to 200 watts of power for competing models.
The ionization air purifier initially increased the ozone concentration by 5-15 ppb from a background level of 5 ppb, while the ozone generator raised it by some 250 ppb, according to Nizkorodov.
Choose an air purifier that's appropriate for the room size, Rittri recommended.
To minimize drafts, the Model 501 dispenses clean air on three sides through an area six times greater than the average air purifier using a process called SurroundAir.
said Tuesday it has developed a new type of air purifier for automobiles with Nissan Motor Co.
This article will discuss the technologies and then give 10 points to consider when purchasing an air purifier.