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In addition to mobile measurements via GO3 Treks, the GO3 Project includes fixed-base stations at more than 100 schools around the world that continuously measure and upload air pollutant concentrations, including ozone, black carbon and carbon dioxide, along with meteorological parameters.
The evidence suggests that high levels of certain air pollutants are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, but exactly how this association works has not been clarified.
In this study most of the air pollutant associations with ASD were stronger for boys than girls however this must be interpreted with caution as a smaller number of girls with ASD were included in the analysis.
2]) and a concentration gradient of the interested air pollutant, cD (mole/[cm.
Reynolds spokesman David Howard said regardless of the dangers from passive smoke indoors, no research supports regulators' decision to declare it an air pollutant.
Miscellaneous metal parts and products surface coating operations emit a number of toxic air pollutants including xylenes, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, phenol, ethyl benzene and glycol ethers.
is known for manufacturing northern bleached softwood kraft pulp; but the pulp and paper company is starting to be recognized for the work it is doing to reduce various air pollutants that can affect people's health and contribute to air pollution.
Although a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions requires both technology and TDM strategies, TDM strategies are notable since they reduce emissions of all air pollutants from motor vehicles, unlike technologies that target specific pollutants.
What is the relative contribution of different air pollutants to the induction of disease?
Not enough reliable data exists to determine the air pollutant emission factors for emission estimates with a new process like lost foam, but permits require that information.
A new study now indicates that even federally permissible levels of carbon monoxide, a common air pollutant, can aggravate this life-threatening condition enough to send its victims to the hospital.
One challenge in assessing the health effects of human exposure to air pollution in epidemiologic studies is the lack of widespread historical air pollutant monitoring data to characterize past exposure levels.
Preterm deliver)' and preeclampsia are common adverse pregnancy outcomes that have been inconsistently associated with ambient air pollutant exposures.
Since much of the information on the level of Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) emissions from foundry processes has been developed since 1997, sources may need to re-evaluate whether their FESOP permit has adequate limits to ensure that emissions are limited to less than major source thresholds for HAPs.
for alleged violations of Federal regulations on chromium -- a hazardous air pollutant -- and State clean-air regulations at the company's metal-plating plant, 5247 South Keeler Ave.