burden of proof

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the duty of proving a disputed charge

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Expectedly, alongside the drama in Chawla's frames, there is an air of reality, which makes his subjects seem ' real'.
The Candystripes 4-1 cup exit at the hands of First Division strugglers Wexford Youths has fashioned an air of reality on Foyleside and Brandywell boss Stephen Kenny has refused to dwell on last Friday night's disaster.
The Court concluded that there was no air of reality to Mr.
Her two black and white funnels are finely proportioned and tiny detailing such as individual deck planking adds an air of reality. The remarkably-detailed figurehead shows a woman in flowing white robes.
SUDDENLY an air of reality has been introduced into the betting market as the Blue Square English Derby approaches, and we now have a situation where it is 14-1 the field.
Gordon and John Stokes, 'The Reference of The Tragic Muse', in The Air of Reality: New Essays on Henry James, ed.
For the first half of the movie, the historical backdrop and Whitaker's performance cloak it in an eerie air of reality, but once the tense music starts, we realize this is only a movie, and accordingly it loses something of its power over the viewer.