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a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness


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a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course

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" One document submitted by Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company reviews the effects of US sanctions on aviation safety and navigation in the Middle East," he said.
Almost 1.5 million passengers using key airports in Tajikistan annually will enjoy safer flights following air navigation systems upgrades financed by the EBRD.
BEIRUT: Public Works and Transportation Minister Youssef Fenianos Monday opened a training simulator at the Beirut airport, designed to represent real-life air navigation scenarios.
The speakers were Jesper Skou, CEO of GALS ANS, Ryyan Tarabzoni, CEO of Saudi Air Navigation Services, Urs Lauener, COO of skyguide and Kornel Skepessy, CEO of HungaroControl.
On the occasion, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, said: "The DFS Group is considered to be one of the best providers of air navigation services and has extensive experience and expertise.
Aviation technology provider VariFlight has announced it has presented its airport collaborative decision making system (A-CDM)at the ICAO Air Navigation Conference, the company said.
Gulati was selected as an Aerodrome Officer in 1985, and has since gained wide experience in the field of air navigation services, airport operations and management.
Dans, the air navigation services provider of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said ARP ensures the implementation of 90 new air traffic management procedures and the introduction of 150 new way points, in addition to the training of 168 air traffic controllers to guarantee the successful and seamless transition to the new design of a controlled airspace for Dubai and the Northern Emirates.
Dubai: The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Spanish company Indra Sistemas (Indra) have signed a contract to develop a new air traffic management system for the Shaikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre, the UAE's aviation body said on Tuesday.
In a statement today, the GCAA said, "This procedure confirms our commitment to the safety of international air navigation..." All these corridors have been coordinated with neighboring countries under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as part of the Air Navigation Safety Support Program.
DUBAI: Air traffic movements for June in Dubai and the Northern Emirates' airspace reached 41,589, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) said.
ATC Global for the International Air Traffic Management (ATM) community has engaged in focused discussions on ATM growth with Chinese air navigation service providers, the company said.
Muscat: A holding company will be set up for civil aviation that includes Oman Air, Oman Airports Management and Air Navigation (under formation), Dr Ahmed Al Futaisi, the Minister of Transport and communications, tweeted on his official Twitter handle.
Institutional Reform of Air Navigation Service Providers: A Historical and Economic Perspective
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