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* In a phased approach, efforts will be streamlined to focus first on existing air interface and develop a framework to later on support new air interfaces which are better suited to specific needs and higher frequencies.
"While FBMC is better than both OFDM and GFDM in terms of sideband suppression," Huang said, "GFDM proves the most robust when a carrier offset is applied, and therefore both of the new air interfaces are likely to be used when 5G is deployed."
Our motivations in this paper are to evaluate the performance of the EPC Gen-2 protocol in error prone air interface. The main contributions of this paper are as follows.
RAYSPAN is the world's only provider of metamaterial and advanced RF air interface solutions for wireless communications.
Consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, it integrates up to two unframed T-1 or E-1 ports, serial interfaces and an Ethernet port, for a total air interface of up to 48 Mbps.
The process of mixing promotes solvent evaporation due to constant renewal of the surface at the mixed sand and air interface. Additionally, heat generated during the mixing pro cess can compound the solvent evaporation and lead to further benchlife degradation.
(IEEE) Standards Association approved the publication of IEEE Standard 802.16, Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems.
The question then becomes, "How do we establish an air interface and system management to accommodate optimum scalability?" By way of illustration, imagine that no spectrum whatsoever had ever been allocated to any wireless carrier technology.
Hughes Network Systems LLC, a provider of broadband satellite solutions and services, announced on Wednesday that UAE-based satellite operator Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) is implementing the latest version of the Hughes JUPITER System, incorporating the new DVB-S2X air interface standard, which will refresh and expand the services delivered over its Y1B Ka-band satellite.
The Hughes JUPITER System features a flexible and robust gateway architecture with lights-out operation, enhanced IPoS air interface for bandwidth efficiency, and high-throughput terminals, enabling operators to achieve the highest possible capacity and efficiency for any satellite broadband implementation.
Second, the industry needs intensive technological innovation, such as Huawei's recent breakthrough in developing a new air interface for future 5G networks.
Huawei is set to reveal a series of new 5G-oriented air interface technologies at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), taking place in Barcelona next week.
* Number of cellular network subscriptions (as of Q4'2011) by air interface technology, data protocol, region, country and operator
Additional topics include: the basics of air interface modulation choices, 3GPP LTE physical layer and protocol solutions, mobility aspects and radio resource management, radio and end-to- end performance, voice solution and voice capacity in LTE, the primary differences between LTE TDD and FDD modes, and HSPA evolution in 3GPP Releases 7 and 8.
Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets MultiComm processors designed to enable seamless connectivity over diverse air interface networks.