air embolism

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obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e

pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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The air coming out of the air injection whole expands rapidly to the available larger area at the point of interaction between the water and air.
Parameters measured during each combustion run were: temperature along the combustion tube, inlet and outlet pressure, air injection rate, produced gas rate, and produced gas rations.
an air injection nozzle (diameter 8 mm) on the pump inlet side of the flow loop, located on the side of the pipe;
Petrobank's project will use a new combustion process that combines a vertical air injection well with a horizontal production well.
1, where b is the die width, s the air slot width, w is the distance between the outer edges of the slots and [beta] is the air injection angle relative to the die face ([beta] = 60[degrees]).
As aerobic fermentation progresses, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is released by the cultures present, but the rates vary enormously, depending on the respiratory metabolism In those processes where oxygen is injected directly in addition to air injection (which is still required for mixing the fermentation broth and stripping it of carbon dioxide and other undesirable reaction by-products), the requirement for oxygen can be monitored and the supply adjusted to suit.
Another means to improve the removal of ethanol is air injection into the mixer during the silanization step.
The engine meets EU4 emission requirements without secondary air injection or exhaust gas recirculation, thanks to its base design and engine computer.
Silencers still have a familiar feel about them but a new exhaust system, with a nod to the year 2000 rider, features a pollution-busting air injection.
This stainless steel unit features six externally accessible air injection valve assemblies that direct filtered air into the product at various angles, lifting the product upward and outward in a continuous circular motion.
Both saws also have Husqvarna's Air Injection system, which precleans and compresses combustion air as it's sent to the carburetor.
was issued patents covering the system as well as its unique air injection method.
Air Injection Well Vertical Drilling and Completion: Supply all material, equipment and
DCDO's development plan includes the use of a hot air injection technology to pressurize the reservoir and increase the ability for the oil to flow into existing well bores.