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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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There is less control over air humidity, although it is an easy measure to take.
According to Brandao Filho & Callegari (1999), the relative air humidity considered as ideal during the vegetative growth of the melon crop is from 65 to 75%.
total number of patients with respiratory symptomatology correlated with higher values of air humidity (days 0-3), [PM.
Indoor air humidity and sensation of dryness as risk indicators of SBS.
Unlike the space air temperature that can always be controlled at its set point, the space air humidity ratio is controlled by the cooling-coil outlet air humidity ratio defined by Equation 16, and also determines the cooling coil inlet air humidity ratio defined by Equation 11.
Seed lots were kept in multi-layered Kraft paper containers and stored in a cold chamber at 10[degrees]C and 60% relative air humidity during the experimental period.
pressure, temperature, air humidity, efficiency of heat exchanger and cooling capacity.
Besides fuel gas composition, the knock behavior of an engine is also influenced by the ambient conditions such as air humidity.
The influence of air humidity on near-threshold fatigue crack growth of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy".
While the air humidity was tested the air pollution wasn't.
We used TSI VelociCheck airflow flow velocity meter to measure relative air humidity, ambient temperature, surface temperature, and dew point.
The automated weather station (AWS) instrument installed in the Agromet station is capable of generating such weather parameters as wind speed and direction, air temperature, air humidity, air pressure, rainfall amount and cumulative rainfall amount, rainfall intensity, sunshine count and solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture.
The new devices can be used in a wide range of temperatures from -30[degrees]C to 60[degrees]C and in up to 90% air humidity.