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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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Their experimental results suggested that higher air humidity and air face velocity led to increased frost growth rate, higher pressure drop, and higher heat transfer rate.
Air humidity (part of enthalpy, see Part 1) can be assessed by two quantities: relative air humidity and humidity ratio.
Compute the differential between outdoor and supply air humidity ratio.
o/s]]= outside/suply air humidity ratio, lb/lb of dry air (kg/kg of dry air)
This variant is primarily intended for use in countries with higher outside temperatures and higher air humidity.
The air humidity ratio (or surface humidity ratio of the liquid desiccant) increases as the solution temperature increases and decreases as concentration increases.
The recorded values of supply air humidity ratio, indoor humidity ratio and outdoor humidity ratio provide an alternative approach to estimating the infiltration of the studied space.
From that point of view, air humidity changes, which are termed as latent energy, play a significant role in hot moist regions, where latent heat often represents 50% or more of the annual cooling load.
These units pre-condition large quantities of moisture laden air down to a more moisture neutral state, where the humidity ratio (1) is close to the delivered supply air humidity ratio.
The supply air flow rate for the experiment is shown in Figure 3 and the entering air and leaving air humidity for both the high and low accuracy instrumentation are shown in Figure 4.
To turn freight trains into connected modes of transport, they are equipped with sensors that collect data on their current position as well as the condition of wagons and their cargo, including parameters such as temperature, air humidity, and shocks sustained.
Specialised technology provides protection from sand, seawater, and high air humidity, as high-precision drive mechanisms distribute the ships among more than 40 mooring areas.
Control the relative and absolute air humidity in every stage of the production process, from transport and storage of raw materials to the packaging and storage of end products.
below its annual average, and with high air humidity rates, according to the