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Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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2 and, in the absence of relative air humidity data, the value of [e.sub.a] (actual water vapor pressure in the atmosphere) was estimated by Eq.
The conventional strategy for reducing space air humidity in aquaculture facilities involves the use of mechanical cooling equipment (refrigeration systems) and/or high ventilation rates, which require a high capital investment and are energy intensive.
The influence of ambient parameters (temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure) on [H.sub.2]S generation is shown in Figs 5, 6 and 7.
In the wild, meconopsis grow in the cover of low cloud, so air humidity is important.
The evaporative cooling system consisted of: (1) one porous medium (CelDek[R]), installed in the south face (0.5 m), with dimensions of 6.4 x 1.5 x 0.15 m, humidified by a closed water circulation system, activated by a centrifuge pump (1.0 hp) with flow rate of (7,000 L [h.sup.-1]), interconnected to a 500-L tank; (2) an exhauster (EM30), installed in the north face (1.10 m), activated by a temperature and relative air humidity sensor (SHT-75, precision [+ or -]0.3[degrees]C and [+ or -]1.8%), installed in the geometric center (2 m).
The objectives of the current paper are: (1) to determine the effect of phase change energy released to the desiccant solution stream on the temperatures of the air and desiccant solution streams, (2) to investigate the effects of inlet air humidity ratio on rates of heat and moisture transfer between the air and desiccant solution inside the two-fluid and three-fluid LAMEEs, and (3) investigate the effects of the desiccant solution flow rate on rates of heat and moisture transfer between the air and the desiccant solution inside the two-fluid and three-fluid LAMEEs.
Due to their action mechanisms, migrating antistatic agents require a minimum level of air humidity. The higher the air humidity, the better the antistatic effect.
Energy savings are realized by using active desiccant dehumidification only when the outdoor air humidity is too high for indirect evaporative cooling to provide the necessary cooling.
Swedish air humidity and climate control systems developer Munters AB (OMX Stockholm: MTRS) published its second quarter figures on Wednesday (13 August), posting an operating profit (EBIT) of SEK95m, as compared to SEK119m in the second quarter of 2007.
However, the fraction of droplets smaller than 100 [[micro].sub.m] can drift away (Arvidsson et al., 2011) and evaporate under conditions of low relative air humidity. In the case of very large droplets, there is the concern about losses of the liquid as it falls on the leaf and runs down, thus reducing the efficiency of pest control (Lesnik et al., 2005).
When both cooling stages are active, the return air humidity ratio (solid line) is below the supply air humidity ratio (dashed line) and moisture is being removed from the airstream.
Swedish air humidity and climate control systems developer Munters AB (OMX Stockholm: MTRS) said on Wednesday (9 July) that it has agreed to acquire Vastgota Torkteknik AB for an undisclosed sum.