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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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The problem with air gun crime is the thug, not the enthusiast - ST, Edinburgh.
GPUSA) announced today that it has developed a revolutionary new marine vibrator seismic source that is as powerful as an air gun but without any of the explosive blasting that has been blamed for harming whales, porpoises, and other marine life.
Mr Barber said: "The most disappointing news affecting the Thames's swans is the continuing increase in the number of swans and cygnets being shot with air guns.
Police believe they saw teenage boys firing air guns |at the games area on Broadwell Road, Easterside
Police found what was described as "a quantity" of mature cannabis plants, two air guns and a pellet gun.
The 2014 season will involve a full commercial air gun array of just over 3000 cui and deployed from MV Duke.
On 30 August, 2014 Phoenix Elite Security Services[TM] in Yangon assisted in the turn in of over 52 air guns and related replica and toy guns to the Botataung Police Station.
We need another amnesty - get people to hand air guns in without a comeback.
Around 87 per cent of people who responded to the Scottish Government survey were against air gun controls.
She added she would like to see a step-by-step programme involving all sales and transfers of air guns to be registered initially.
The RSPCA's chief veterinary officer Steve Cheetham said: "We do see far too many cases of injuries inflicted by air guns every year.
TEEN yobs are killing and maiming hundreds of pets with illegal air guns bought by their parents.
The most common targets are cats, wild birds and water birds, although wild mammals and dogs are also regularly killed or injured by air guns.
POLICE officers are advising Coventry parents not to buy air guns and BB guns for their children this Christmas.
Even though a vessel with its air guns blasting passed within 180 m of the camera, fish didn't change their behavior, she says.