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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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"Sadly, we see many instances where cats are shot by air guns, often sustaining life-changing or fatal injuries.
Full blowback air guns work by directing some of its C[O.sub.2] pressure to cycle the slide; The slide performs no other function and is meant only to simulate the mechanics of a semiautomatic, centerfire pistol.
The post Animals being wounded by air guns appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
ENPNewswire-August 7, 2019--PGS - Industry Insights Air Gun Arrays
As well as mandatory licensing, the RSPCA is calling for a range of measures to tackle the problem of air guns.
Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Chief Inspectorate Officer said: "During last year alone, we received 767 reports of attacks where air guns were used on animals across England and Wales.
The charity is now calling for the mandatory licensing of air guns and improved enforcement of air gun legislation.
Mr Murphy added: "We are disappointed that 18 months after it concluded, the Government have yet to say how they will improve the management and use of air guns despite evidence on the suffering to animals through their misuse.
Regarding current air rifle regulations for small game on private land, there are no restrictions on air gun type, caliber, velocity minimums or magazine capacity for furbearers, wild hogs, gray squirrels, and rabbits.
THE RSPCA is calling for a government crackdown on the ownership of air guns after receiving thousands of reports of animals being shot with the weapons.
Please keep your cats safe!" " The national charity has launched a campaign to urge the government to consider compulsorywere we believe easier to culprits who licensing for air guns.
Air guns used in oil industry seismic surveys have the capacity to change fish catch rates, but no previous work has demonstrated this effect in shallow water or in Arctic oilfields.