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A 6 pads air foil thrust bearing is also shown in figure 2 (c).
The XStream, the most advanced of the three, features a bypass airflow design with VAV compatibility; heavily optimized designs for baffles, air foils, and sash handle; and a blowerless system for delivering dilution air in the upper portion of the hood.
They were the first study of a bio-mimetic air foil in unsteady air on a rotating platform, in this case a Wenvor Technologies' 25 Kilowatt turbine with a 10-meter span.
The method consists of the creation of a controlled emission of fluid in the trailing edge of an aerodynamic air foil.
Containment-enhancing features include the patented Clean-Sweep air foil that allows air to sweep the work surface; the upper containment sash foil to bleed air into the enclosure to direct contaminant concentrations away from the user's breathing zone; and a zone-perforated rear baffle that creates horizontal laminar airflow.
The casting had to be particularly stiff because it served as an attach point for the rear suspension and air foil.
Raytheon Systems Co., Tucson, Ariz., is being awarded a $64,201,467 firm-fixed-price contract to provide for the following component kits in support of the GBU-16 all-up-round (1,000-pound version) and GBU-12 air foil group (500-pound version) Paveway II laser-guided bombs: 1,954 MAU-169H/B computer control groups; 977 MXU-667/B air foil groups with containers; 977 MXU-650/B (GBU-12) air foil groups with containers, and associated data.
A low profile trough below the air foil contains spills.
Deakins Metal Spinning is expanding and plans to employ an additional 30 people making precision spun metal and air foil components for the aerospace and automotive industries.
Metl-Span was formed in 1983 as a subsidiary of Air Foil Impellers.
The Protector XStream Hood features a curved air foil with proprietary Clean-Sweep openings that pull inflow air from under the air foil allowing clean air to continuously flow over it--creating a constant, protective barrier from contaminants.
The Eco-Foil air foil with Clean-Sweep airflow slots allows clean air to continuously flow through the air foil.
The ergonomic Eco-Foil air foil with CleanSweep openings reduces energy consumption from 7 to 10%.
The patented Clean-Sweep air foil allows air to sweep the work surface for maximum containment.