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a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

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AAF said this acquisition will help it to meet customer demand for value-added air filtration solutions in Germany.
Philip Whitaker, AAF Internationals chief executive officer said, Its exciting to be a part of the air filtration industry right now.
Nederman (STO:NMAN) announced on Tuesday that it has received an order for two complete gas turbine inlet air filtration systems to be used for electric power generation in the US.
The significant investment made in dedicated tooling and training employees means we have one of the most advanced manufacturing supply chains in the air filtration sector.
has added the air filtrations products from Air Filters Inc.
Spethmann was appointed vice president of global industrial air filtration.
NELIOR Filtration Technology is based on a patented membrane air filtration media, which is developed by AAF's engineers and is produced in one of AAF's own manufacturing facilities.
A subsidiary of Tennessee-based global filtration company Clarcor, Clarcor Air Filtration Products will consolidate its Louisville, Ky headquarters and distribution center along with its Jeffersontown, Ky and its New Albany, manufacturing operations into the new center in 2009 following the construction of the new facility.
The National Geographic Society is using a one-of-a-kind air filtration technology in a bid to be re-certified as a national leader in energy efficiency and environmental design.
Toyo Seat had added various air filtration systems as the plant grew, but they were still seeing smoke in the plant and some of their fume collectors had caught fire.
And yet, interestingly enough, although the technology exists to offer pollution- and odor-free vehicle interiors, only about 40 percent of Noah American vehicles contain cabin air filtration systems.
Specific "green" building features include air filtration systems throughout; a central water filtration system; and a storm water processing system.
2] or YAG laser, a high-speed part indexing turntable, system controls, a vacuum/negative air system, an air filtration package, system safeties and a "light-tight" cell enclosure.
Air filtration not only makes air clean and pure, it also enhances a person's energy, alertness and comfort.