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Synonyms for aerobatics

the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Release date- 21082019 - Jersey residents will step back in time when British Airways celebrates 100 years of flying with a nostalgic entry in this year's International Air Display on September 12.
They said: "A Private Air Display will be held over Addington tonight from 8.44pm to 9.14pm.
More than 100 giant multi-coloured hot air balloons, including a number of special shape and character balloons, a full classic air display with WW2 Warbirds, WW1 air displays, jets, helicopters, a gyroplane, high energy aerobatics, aerial ballet, flying circus, and formation display teams will take part over the weekend.
About: The show returns over the spring bank holiday weekend with fast flying air displays in the skies plus thrilling technology, inspiring invention and ground-breaking innovation across the museum and showground.
The festival will also includea full classic air display with World War Two Warbirds, World War One air displays, jets, helicopters, gyroplane, high energy aerobatics, aerial ballet, a flying circus, formation display teams and parachute teams can be expected.
On the Friday evening there will be the stunning signature event, the Nightfire, a unique night air display with helicopter and aircraft trailing and firing pyrotechnics from their wings and fuselage, running into a hot air balloon nightglow where 30 balloons and baskets all burn to set patterns and music, topped by a massive firework finale.
'This will be followed by independence parade at Eagles Square by Para-military and Military and Air Display by Air-force fighter jets over the skies at 9 a.m.
VETERANS pose proudly before taking to the skies as the UK's first disabled air display team. nine pilots in red-white-blue Alpha Jet planes change their air display every year.
KARACHI -- It's an extremely well shot video and deliversthe same kind of thrill that runs through your veins when you watch the Air Force Day air display (we did, over the horizon at Clifton Beach, last year) and witness fighter pilots of the Pak Air Force cut through the clouds like bolts lightening.
This was followed by an air display of a three-ship formation, comprising of 01 M1 171 and 02 AW 139 Augusta helicopters, which flew over the venue.
The A380 was accompanied by the Aermacchi MB-339NAT fast jets of the UAE's air display team, Al Fursan.
THOUSANDS of spectators gathered for a North East air display almost 70 years ago to commemorate the Battle of Britain.
He had previously announced, "The Russian company will introduce its product to Iranian airlines during an air display on Tuesday, December 13, and negotiations on purchasing the Russian-made aircraft will kick off afterwards."