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a cooling system that cools by evaporation

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The air cooler market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
So I bought this cooler," he said pointing towards the newly-bought Air Cooler.
So as indicated by those figures for the intake manifold/ charged air cooler, the polyamide 46 in question can handle the heat.
Yearly Electrical Power Consumption HyprCool: 21,000 kW-Hrs Dry Air Cooler: 34,000 kW-Hrs Fluid Cooler: 22,000 kW-Hrs Yearly Water Consumption: HyprCool: 1,500 Gallons Dry Air Cooler with trim cooler: 75,000 Gallons Fluid Cooler: 840,000 Gallons Space Required: HyprCool: 635 Cubic Feet Dry Air Cooler: 1,035 Cubic Feet Fluid Cooler: 1,148 Cubic Feet The above comparison is based on an actual customer application in the New England area of the US.
ALTERNATIVELY COMPLETE THE COUPON IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND SEND IT TO: Daily Mirror, Air Cooler & Purifier (DM19273), PO Box 299, Romsey SO51 0WH Grand total 2-year GUarantee
The charge air cooler and radiator assembly doors are two-piece assemblies; they have a guard and a frame assembly.
A sequential defrost system for air coolers extends production time without need for conventional defrosting, thus assuring uninterrupted operation for up to one year.
In order to improve heat exchange efficiency of surface air cooler, fin is added to the tube to increase the area of heat exchange, but this kind of air cooler is hard to exert its heat exchange efficiency because of bad environment (high dust concentration), for example, one fin type air cooler with 200~300kW cooling capacity in cleaning environment will covered with dust in short time, the cooling capacity will reduce to 50%, and even to 15%.
ISLAMABAD, June 27 -- With temperature refusing to come down from 40 C in the federal capital, continuous humidity and soaring electricity rates the sale of air coolers, especially metal desert coolers (Lahori coolers) has picked up momentum in Islamabad.
Now the banks behind the project have commissioned the Teesside firm to carry out pounds 850,000 of repairs to air coolers at the site, which, if all goes to plan, should lead to pounds 2.
8[degrees]F) with a dry air cooler instead of a wet cooling tower, it has already been shown (Schweigler et al.
Fasti, Farrag & Stipsits of Bregenz, Austria, is showing a new air cooler for improving throughput and quality in blown-film extrusion.
Mumtaz Khan, a shop keeper at Aabpara told that we expect more than 30 per cent increase in sales this season over last year and customers have begun to look at room air cooler as a necessity more than a luxury.