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a cooling system that cools by evaporation

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An air conditioner costs e1/4800 to 900," Marisa said, "an air cooler for a small room that we had cost e1/460.
Symphony has 50 per cent share of the organised air cooler market, followed by Kenstar, Bajaj Electricals, and Usha
So I bought this cooler," he said pointing towards the newly-bought Air Cooler.
So as indicated by those figures for the intake manifold/ charged air cooler, the polyamide 46 in question can handle the heat.
ST), a provider of heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling solutions, announced today an order to supply air cooler systems to a natural gas plant in the US.
Although expensive as per air cooler standards, with excellent build quality and a performance that's as good as AIO liquid coolers, the Noctua NH-D15 is a recommended choice and justifies its price to a large extent.
Yearly Electrical Power Consumption HyprCool: 21,000 kW-Hrs Dry Air Cooler: 34,000 kW-Hrs Fluid Cooler: 22,000 kW-Hrs Yearly Water Consumption: HyprCool: 1,500 Gallons Dry Air Cooler with trim cooler: 75,000 Gallons Fluid Cooler: 840,000 Gallons Space Required: HyprCool: 635 Cubic Feet Dry Air Cooler: 1,035 Cubic Feet Fluid Cooler: 1,148 Cubic Feet The above comparison is based on an actual customer application in the New England area of the US.
During the first quarter, Symphony announced the launch of India's first branded "Window Range" of air coolers to strengthen its product range in residential air coolers.
ALTERNATIVELY COMPLETE THE COUPON IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND SEND IT TO: Daily Mirror, Air Cooler & Purifier (DM19273), PO Box 299, Romsey SO51 0WH Grand total 2-year GUarantee
The charge air cooler and radiator assembly doors are two-piece assemblies; they have a guard and a frame assembly.
Akhtar Ali a shopper said that he was using an AC but now he is replacing it with an air cooler due to its low cost and maintenance.
The latter cost may be substantial, depending on the structure of the air cooler, and it is well-nigh impossible to avoid, since the frost has to be melted, and the melt water then has to run off the metal surfaces and down the drain.
Optimized use of refrigeration energy in the air cooler leads to still more energy saving.
With the increase of mine exploitation depth, the heat harm is more and more serious, machine cooling is applied in many coal mines, and air cooler is main equipment in cooling.
KTR's new MMC combined cooler simultaneously proves its worth three times: Used as a water cooler, used as an oil cooler-cooling either hydraulic or gear lubricant oil, used as a charge air cooler it assures the right temperature of the combustion air.