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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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When an aircraft approaches the field, Marines and Airmen working in the air control tower notify the offload team--consisting of Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen waiting at the intermediate staging point.
The West Caribbean Airways plane was heading from Panama to Martinique when its pilot reported trouble with both engines to the Caracas air control tower just after 7am, said Francisco Paz, president of the National Aviation Institute.
The report concluded that the controller used incorrect flight numbers in a series of orders and forgot about Flight 958 as he was preoccupied in communicating with other flights, and that he panicked when the near-miss alarm in the air control tower went off.
"If it had been, the pilot would have had time to contact the air control tower," he said.
Alvaro Siza was asked to design an office and administration building for the college rector on a site adjacent to an abandoned air control tower on the edge of the campus.
Soon, of course, Russell and Nick are fighting it out, first in the air control tower and then on the ground.
The first sign of trouble came at 10:08am (1508 BST), as Air Force Staff Sgt James Hicks sat in his air control tower. A clearly troubled Federal Aviation Administration worker was issuing a distress call for a Lear jet not far away.
We have a cargo building within the Duqm airport and we are looking at how we can enable the fisheries sector and fishermen for a value chain, how it can be key in enabling infrastructure, to take our fish out to the globe." Considered to be one of the main components of the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD), the new airport features a new passenger terminal, air cargo terminal, air control tower and other components, including a well-developed road network and a logistics zone which will service both the airport and the port, which will contain logistics services related to aviation and port activities, car hire, tanker services, marine shipping offices, warehouses and industrial and real estate services.
According to an Avsegrp report, they initially received information from the air control tower about a 'bomb threat written on the lavatory of PAL flight PR 103.'
He said air control tower lost contact with the jet when it was 6 kilometers away from destination.
The plane had been scheduled to land at Islamabad airport at 6:50pm (1350 GMT), but lost contact with the air control tower at 6:40pm.
Colonel Omer Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of the Command Room of the Dubai Police, said the plane took off from Dubai International Airport at 12.15pm for Saudi Arabia but its pilot, Captain Giovanni Bingley, lost contact with the Air Control Tower soon.
Erzurum Airport Air Control Tower gave alarm as "Aircraft being kidnapped".
The project, also backed by Pembrokeshire Council, would have an educational centre, replica wartime planes and a visitor centre, as well as the existing air control tower.
The earthquake damage at the airport included a shortening of the runway to 1,800 metres from the normal 2,100 metres and the destruction of the air control tower. An airport official was killed in the earthquake.
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