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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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A new 87-meter air control tower, a new airport road, a security wall and parking areas for 27 large, medium and small aircraft will also be constructed.
A new air control tower, hotel, petrol station, restaurant and duty free area will add to the ever-improving gateway to the world.
the former Marine Air Station air control tower, runways, the
TSgt Leach quickly notified the Air Control Tower of the concern, that the panel could separate and damage the number one engine or it could be dropped on the runway endangering another aircraft landing or taking off.
The earthquake damage at the airport included a shortening of the runway to 1,800 metres from the normal 2,100 metres and the destruction of the air control tower.
When an aircraft approaches the field, Marines and Airmen working in the air control tower notify the offload team--consisting of Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen waiting at the intermediate staging point.
The West Caribbean Airways plane was heading from Panama to Martinique when its pilot reported trouble with both engines to the Caracas air control tower just after 7am, said Francisco Paz, president of the National Aviation Institute.
The report concluded that the controller used incorrect flight numbers in a series of orders and forgot about Flight 958 as he was preoccupied in communicating with other flights, and that he panicked when the near-miss alarm in the air control tower went off.
If it had been, the pilot would have had time to contact the air control tower," he said.
Alvaro Siza was asked to design an office and administration building for the college rector on a site adjacent to an abandoned air control tower on the edge of the campus.
Soon, of course, Russell and Nick are fighting it out, first in the air control tower and then on the ground.
The first sign of trouble came at 10:08am (1508 BST), as Air Force Staff Sgt James Hicks sat in his air control tower.
The air control tower is not manned during late-night hours, but the airport remains open for incoming flights 24 hours a day.
Another big piece is the air control tower, which is 12 stories high and has no elevator.
Work to install equipment in the recently completed 97 metre-high air control tower (ATC) will begin soon.