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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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Many did and never saw the air conditioning units or their deposit money again.
However she said, the air conditioning unit should be maintained and cleaned on a quarterly basis, as per the standard Plan Preventive Maintenance (PPM).
Sa'ad Al-Suwailem, deputy chairman of the National Commercial Committee in Saudi Chambers, said merchants were facing difficulty in disposing of huge numbers of air conditioners, which they had stockpiled following speculation that there would be an increase in the sales volume of air conditioning units this year.
Thieves stole an external air conditioning unit from the Dental Teaching Unit on July 23, before returning almost 10 days later to steal a second unit from the facility.
We are aware that our air conditioning unit is breaching planning consent.
The trio were arrested after a painstaking police operation which saw the interception of a consignment of parts for air conditioning units from the Netherlands in April.
Automotive air conditioning units equipped with the new refrigerant-charge system could activate a warning light on a car's dashboard.
David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit, says: "You might find that nasty smells are more prevalent at the start of spring as air conditioning units are often left untouched during the damper winter months, allowing more bacteria and mould to build up.
175 Ansty Road, Wyken - installation of six air conditioning units.
Brits leave fans and air conditioning units on for an average of three-and-a-quarter hours a day throughout the summer - costing a staggering pounds 48.
Elderkin, considered a promising British writer, traveled through western Australia as the helper of a mechanic who repaired air conditioning units in Aboriginal schools.
Currently, Local Law 11/98 does require comment of the current condition of presently existing air conditioning units and window guards.
Installed in bedrooms, cars or public places, air conditioning units always give off greenhouse gases since they use hydrofluorocarbon-based cooling substances with a warming capacity 1,300 times greater than CO2, the leading greenhouse gas.
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