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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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The parent's 15% stake in the Chinese air conditioner giant will be priced at no less than RMB 44.17 per share, valuing the deal at least RMB 39.9 bln.
Most air conditioners will fall somewhere in the range of 55-70db, however, the EcoStar G-SMART series comes in at 18db.
Through this system, the labels will be issued according to the Omani Gulf standard specifications for energy efficiency and minimum energy efficiency requirements for air conditioners GSO 2530/2016 from July 25.
As the air conditioners are powered by a smart voice Integrated Al technology, air conditioners with Inverter features and powerful cooling bundled with other innovative features, keep in mind the summer season, these products will cater to all the segments in the market.
Genetco is now proud to introduce from GREE the new series of high-energy efficient air conditioners which will be in line with the new GSO EER stage 2 guidelines.
Consumers now consider air conditioners as a necessity rather than a luxury.
In 2017, Thailand produced 12.4 million air conditioners, of which 85 per cent were for export.
unveiled its latest wind-free air conditioners that gently disperse cold air through micro air holes and saves energy with advanced inverters.
Besides, the air conditioner market has witnessed significant growth in the last couple of years.
Summary: The police found that the four air conditioners were sold to a scrap shop against Dh200 per unit.
The air-conditioner market is growing amidst the government initiatives and in turn the demand for air conditioners is likely to increase substantially over the coming years, it added.
Winners of the 'Time To Save' campaign were awarded LG's Dual Inverter air conditioners.
Despite being in Nigeria for over five years, the need to test the waters and ensure that its range of air conditioners can adequately meet the cooling needs of Nigerians has been identified as one of the key reasons for the late introduction of the Inventor range of air-conditioner products to the nation's market.
Samsung's wind-free air conditioners are available at all leading electronics retail outlets in two sizes, 1.5 ton and 2 ton, which retail at Dh3,199 and Dh3,799 (excluding VAT) respectively.
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