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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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* High efficiency on partial loads: VRV system allows each building zone to be air conditioned independently, consuming energy only for the rooms in which the unit is functioning.
MILLIONS of motorists with air conditioned vehicles are being warned not to switch off their systems throughout the winter.
With such significant reductions in energy consumption now achieved by leading manufacturers, and the associated benefits that temperature controlled workplaces provide in terms of people efficiency and general well being, the case for air conditioned offices, shops and factories is now being listened to with more sympathetic ears, from an environmental standpoint.
Venture's older plant is not air conditioned, so daytime temperatures on the plant floor could reach 120 F in summer.
As part of a court order, Texas submitted a plan Thursday to move about 1,000 medically sensitive inmates from the Pack Unit southeast of College Station, which is not air conditioned, to other state jails and prisons that do have air conditioning.
THE 2002 Office OSCAR, the annual service charge analysis report from Jones Lang LaSalle, highlights that the average service charges for both air conditioned and non-air conditioned buildings has risen.
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