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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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'Through our route development team, we are providing marketing support to air carriers to increase tourist traffic to underutilized international gateways in the Philippines such as the Subic Bay International Airport,'Bengzon said.
Specifically, the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act would:
My observation: Since 2012 up to now, air carriers have not established the necessary system in order to provide the means for potential purchasers to present the required disclosures, such as the senior citizen status.
Mueller's task is to at least stop the continued financial loss of the air carrier, owned 70 percent by Kazanah, if not make it profitable.
According to NAIA 3 terminal manager Octavio Lina, the move of the five international air carriers will considerably reduce the congestion currently being experienced at the NAIA 1.
Although Direct Air marketed and sold flights from Worcester and elsewhere under its own name, the company contracted with air carriers such as Sky King to actually make the flights.
About 200 members of the Allied Pilots Association, representing some 10,000 pilots flying for the American Airlines, marched through the terminals of the O'Hare airport as the air carrier cancelled hundreds of flights this week.
Christoph Franz, chief executive of German Lufthansa (ETR:LHA), said the air carrier would not pursue acquisitions as it primarily focuses on organic growth, daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.
6 June 2011 - British regional air carrier Flybe (LON: FLYB) is understood to be among the potential investors in troubled Denmark-based player Cimber Sterling A/S (CPH: CIMBER), Danish news provider reported today citing anonymous sources.
Four all-cargo air carriers from Indonesia, Cardig Air, Republic Express, Asia Link and Air Maleo and one air carrier from Ukraine have been removed from the list as safety concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, noted the Commission in a statement.
may not enact or enforce a law, regulation, or other provision having the force and effect of law related to a price, route, or service of an air carrier that may provide air transportation under this subpart." 49 U.S.C.
VAN, Jan 4, 2011 (TUR) -- An entrepreneur from Turkey's eastern province of Van has founded a new air carrier company, which would go by the name "Van Way Airlines" _ when pronounced in Turkish, "Van" is phonetically similar to "one."
(ADPnews) - Apr 28, 2010 - Irish low-cost air carrier Ryanair (ISE:RYA) will cancel all of its four flights from and to the Czech capital Prague by October due to expensive fees at the Ruzyne airport, news provider reported yesterday.
(ADPnews) - Sep 30, 2009 - Michael O'Leary, CEO of Irish low-cost air carrier Ryanair (ISE:RYA), said yesterday the purchase of Austrian Airlines (AUA) by German Lufthansa (FRA:LHA) would have a negative impact for the passengers.
American Airlines, Inc., the First Circuit vacated the plaintiff's jury verdict and held "no properly instructed jury could return a verdict against the air carrier." (39) Relying on the reasoning and standards established in Williams, and later adopted in Cordero, the First Circuit held an air carrier is immune from liability stemming from its decision to refuse to transport a passenger, unless that decision is arbitrary or capricious.