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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Specifically, the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act would:
Accordingly, an air carrier shall designate at least one check-in counter which will prioritize PWDs, senior citizens, and persons requiring special assistance or handling.
According to Hainsey, he is in talks with air carriers linked with American Airlines to provide flights from Columbus to Dallas-Ft.
The lower preference for the Kuala Lumpur-based air carrier is the result of the disappearance of MH370 on March 8 with 329 people on board and the downing of MH17 on July 17 over Ukrainian airspace with 298 passengers and crew.
According to NAIA 3 terminal manager Octavio Lina, the move of the five international air carriers will considerably reduce the congestion currently being experienced at the NAIA 1.
international air carrier, and the other 1 mln - as the passengers of the national air carrier.
At first, the idea to start an air carrier company seemed as a very risky business but the support I have received made me to take the decision," Bayram said.
In addition, existing operating restrictions imposed on an air carrier from
Thus, in interviews with 14 air carriers, GAO found inconsistent approaches to conducting similar-name matching, and not every air carrier reported conducting similar-name comparisons.
According to the TSA, such items must be declared to the air carrier during check-in at the ticket counter.
An international air cargo transhipment programme has begun at Winnipeg International, Canada, which simplifies air carrier access to Winnipeg for air cargo transhipment, providing incentives to use its cargo facilities.
On both airport and air carrier levels, many issues remain unresolved, and several hurdles lie ahead.
The nationwide strike in South Korea began to weaken Thursday with a settlement by air carrier Korean Air earlier in the day.
I wish I could tell you everything is perfect since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Air Carrier Access Act were put into effect.