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an explosion in the atmosphere

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(1) Most of blast load empirical models are either for free air burst or surface burst.
The target is lased, the MT fuse set for the range, and the round trigger-fired to air burst over the target.
Although the burst of a comet on the upper atmosphere would have provided enough heat to fuse the glass, the researchers note that such an air burst probably wouldn't have generated the intense pressures needed to shock the quartz grains trapped in the material.
The first was the anti-tank missile position, covered or non--covered, at a range of 5,000 metres, which required air burst (thus a time fuse) and axial fragments in the form of tungsten balls.
offering a range of smart fuze settings from air burst to post impact, along with selectable terminal impact angles and angle of attack control, the GBU-50 takes the capabilities of both the MK-84 and BLU-109 to a new level.
The most advanced and modern ways have been introduced to maintain the ground water wells is the air burst, which appeared in the last seven years as an innovation of a US company.
Its technical designation was GBU-43/B, its everyday one the Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) weapon; the latter immediately earned it a name that played on Saddam's own description of the 1991 war: the "Mother Of All Bombs." Indeed, it was expected to be used then.
Experts have called it the "Judge Dredd" gun, after the Sylvester Stallone movie, but the Pentagon calls it the XM-25 Individual Air Burst Weapon, which uses a laser rangefinder to precisely measure the distance to a target, then primes a fuse on a timed grenade so that the projectile explodes exactly where it should.
* The Services, with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, should "procure a contingency arsenal of current successful special-purpose, non nuclear weapons" such as the recently developed Massive Ordnance Air Burst bomb;
It's almost exactly the same as a nuclear air burst.
Currenty, most researchers claim that it was the burst of an air burst of an asteroid or a comet with a high concentration of deuterium while some others suggest that it is a miniature black hole.
To improve 40 mm grenade effectiveness against hidden targets numerous companies are developing air burst munitions.
The XM25 air burst weapon system will provide individual soldiers with precision airburst capability.