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an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air

paint with an airbrush

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The basic 2009 Ford F-150 crew cab was donated by the Ford Motor Company, significantly upgraded by Malibu Customz by installing high-end aftermarket products solicited by Malibu's Ron Lamothe (who also towed the truck throughout the country), painted by renowned air brush artist Mickey Harris, and prepped and clear coated by Malibu's Jimmy Knight.
There is also a balloon lotto with a pounds 25 prize, air brush tattoos, face painting and Indian hand painting all available.
MagicTan Aerosol Self Tanning System - the same great tanning solution found in a MagicTan spray booth or air brush is available in a convenient aerosol format for touchups or face and upper body spray tanning.
On a recent morning, she iced a cake in less than a minute and added ruffles, filigree and an Easter bunny in a few minutes more with deft touches of an air brush and pastry bags fitted with decorating tips.
Other events for the day include: a rally on behalf of autism, and a free carnival complete with merry-go-round, game booths, prizes, inflatable slides, custom air brush face painting and clowns
It incorporates Lexmark's exclusive Air Brush halftoning technique to ensure superior graphics and images.