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a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

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On the third of four nights, the air bed developed a leak.
"It was just an air bed, my friend even said it had a little hole in it.
By the end of the day, the group's efforts netted more than 200 kilos of debris, ranging from plastic bags, beverage bottles, beverage cans, rope, cigarettes, air bed pumps, glass, electric pipes and plastic water hoses.
Instead of buying an air bed, which can puncture, head to Karama or Satwa for cheap foam mattresses.
Blimey - it's time to pump it up and bring on the air bed.
The pellets are cooled to room temperature by a fluidized air bed that rapidly cools the pellets without immersing them in water.
From sleeping on an air bed, he's gone to living in a mansion and driving a Bentley.
"Fluid air bed roaster have a harder time at high altitudes," he said.
He told the Post: "On our wedding night we had our friend's daughter who is six sleeping between us and the bridesmaid was on an air bed in the room with her husband.
My friend and I stayed in a very small tent for two months, our wardrobe actually doubled as an air bed and we lived on noodles cooked on a tiny gas stove, and biscuits.
As well as the pull-down double bed inside, we had enough room for a single air bed and travel cot.
WINDCATCHER AIRPAD 2+ PS109.99, UNLESS you're truly hardy, an air bed's a must if you want to enjoy sleeping beneath canvas.
Get a comfy night's kip with this waterproof air bed that's fast to inflate and comes in blue or grey.