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a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

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From sleeping on an air bed, he's gone to living in a mansion and driving a Bentley.
The original AeroBed was introduced in 1992, redefining the air bed product category through higher quality standards and new inflation technology.
Tenders are invited for pain and palliative programme - purechase for items such as water bed, air bed, wheel chair, chair commod, chair commod with pot, walker, crutcher, urinal pot, etc.
ON SALE TODAY DOUBLE AIR BED Get a comfy night's kip with this waterproof air bed that's fast to inflate and comes in blue or grey.
99 All prices correct at time of going to press | Regatta flocked double camping air bed, Argos, www.
Tenders are invited for purchase of equipments for palliative care such as water bed, air bed, wheel chair, walking stick, chair comod, glucometer, table and chair, gloves, mask and inhailer, etc.
He endured fog, bitterly cold temperatures - and the discomfort of a broken air bed after queueing from 8.
However, with the help of the NHS loan service, we received equipment including a special air bed.
Having an air bed or a flotation mattress in the wings for an indecisive customer has been a boon for even the most traditional mainstream retailers.
She used a special air bed which can prevent patients getting bed sores, but the nurses only had one so that meant others could not benefit.
He said: "Because I'm quite tall it took my about 15 minutes to get the best position on the air bed.
50 The air bed Regatta flocked double camping air bed, Argos, www.
SIR - The Monmouth MP, David Davies, has told all about his camping exploits of having to sleep on an air bed in his office after apparently failing to find an overnight stay near Westminster for less than the parliamentary allowance limit of pounds 130.
Select Comfort continues to defy convention and continues to grow by controlling as much of its destiny as it can as an air bed producer: making and promoting the product and operating its own retail stores.