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a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies

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First, full Air National Guard unit mobilizations have not occurred at any significant level during this wartime period--the Air Guard has met its deployment responsibilities by using individual volunteers or small parts of units, because the larger units themselves are not ready or able to take on a full mobilization.
When Air National Guard units are not mobilized or under federal control, they report to the governor of their respective state, territory or the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard.
The Secretary of the Air Force shall, not later than February 1, 2001, submit to Congress a plan to modernize and upgrade the combat capabilities of those Air National Guard units that, as of the date of the enactment of this Act, are assigned F-16A aircraft so that those units can be deployed as part of Air Expeditionary Forces.
One option available to allow the Air National Guard to meet more demanding taskings, for longer periods of time and with less impact on the traditional Guard force, is to increase the number of active duty Air Force personnel in Air National Guard units.
The USAF Aeronautical Systems Center (Eglin AFB, FL) is the contracting agent, with Air National Guard units providing operational demonstration support.
It's one of 12 Air National Guard units throughout the country whose air defense mission is to provide and support combat-ready aircraft and air crews for surveillance and control of U.
In the Caribbean, where the storm knocked out cell towers and power lines, Air National Guard units provided communications abilities with the Joint Integrated Site Communications Capability system.
Air National Guard units from around the United States will loan another eight C-130H2 aircraft to the unit.
A new report by the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves found that nearly 90 percent of Army National Guard units and 45 percent of Air National Guard units not currently deployed overseas have severe equipment shortages.
The politics of base closures threaten to unravel an elaborate plan to integrate Air Force and Air National Guard units.
Texas and Arizona Air National Guard units will operate the Predator from their home states.
These full-time, 22-member joint Army and Air National Guard units are trained and equipped with modern technology to assess a chemical, biological, or radiological attack, advise the on-scene incident commander, and facilitate the arrival of additional assets.
These ideas have come from industry organizations, USAF and Air National Guard units, Defense Department organizations and academia.
For instance, E-City data could be used by NORAD, Air National Guard units, and the FAA in identifying potential high risk targets and probable angles of attack/altitudes to support more responsive defensive measures to air attacks similar to the WTC and the Pentagon.
Airmen from multiple Air National Guard units of Texas, New York, Iowa, Ohio, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and North Dakota supported and flew MQ-9 Reaper aircraft during Operation Combat Hammer, the first operational air-to-ground weapons evaluation for the Air National Guard to be a part of as the sole MQ-9 Reaper mission set.
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