Air National Guard

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a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies

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Although best regarded as a photo annex to one of the fuller histories by Gross or Francillon, this book nonetheless is a good work to browse for a quick, fairly comprehensive look at this storied Air National Guard unit.
Murray previously served as a Director of Operations, as principal advisor to the Commander, Georgia Air National Guard and State Adjutant General as Director of Staff and Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff, Joint Force Headquarters-Georgia.
The Air National Guard also intends to test the tablets in F-16 jet fighters.
We are happy to work with California Air National Guard base to produce clean renewable power while helping the base to save money.
Upon arrival at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, the JAT's first task was to assess and ensure the security of the airfield.
Cardinale, Financial Service superintendent, and Carrie Matrine, Family Support representative, Louisiana Air National Guard, receive a gift package from the chapter.
For example, Air Force Air Staff officials viewed the process as fully participatory and noted that the Air National Guard Bureau and the Air Force's major commands had direct representation on the force structure development team.
Air National Guard and Air Reserve have deployed, and will continue to deploy, annually to Poland to conduct F-16 training.
We have more than 23,000 active duty and over 5,000 members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve deployed to the Persian Gulf region.
Though he didn't talk about it, Brandyn knew that his mother was about to be deployed for combat training in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.
Coulter, it didn't happen at Fort Dix--or in the Air National Guard.
However, the Air National Guard Academy of Military Science is absent from the list of commissioning programs.
Bush in the Texas Air National Guard was the F-102 Delta Dagger vice F-106 as stated in the caption.
He later helped organize South Dakota's Air National Guard and retired from the guard as a brigadier general.
October 1, 1973: The Air National Guard relieves Bush from commitment eight months early, allowing him to attend Harvard Business School.