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a person trained by the government in hijacking and terrorist tactics who (for security reasons) is a passenger aboard an airline flight

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Anderson stated that the focus of air marshals would be on international and not domestic flights according to The Sydney Morning Herald online.
THE age-old 'mantra' is being used again PIA has its ninth air marshal. An air marshal no doubt excels in many ways.
Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik is the third on the seniority list, who is also serving as Deputy Chief of Air Staff, and will retire on July 3, 2020.
As I looked around at the shaved heads and cookie-cutter figures, I thought about the operational security aspect and how it could compromise air marshals on a real aircraft.
"Non-Stop'' PG-13 -- Liam Neeson saves the day yet again, this time as an air marshal.
Air Marshal Muhammad Jamshed Khan was commissioned in Pakistan Air Force on April 1979 in GD (P) Branch; during his which career, he has commanded a Fighter Squadron, a Fighter Wing and an Operational Air Base.
The PVSM has been conferred on Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retired), Air Marshal Simha Kutty Varthaman (Retired), Air Marshal Satish Pal Singh (Retired), Air Marshal Arup Raha, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Air Command, Air Marshal Rajinder Singh, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Training Command, Air Marshal Jagdish Chandra Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Maintenance Command respectively.
CBS News and ProPublica reported dozens of air marshals charged with crimes ranging from smuggling drugs past airport security to aiding a human trafficking ring to solicitation to commit murder.
Because the number of air marshals is less than the number of daily flights, FAMS's operational approach is to assign air marshals to selected flights it deems high risk--such as the nonstop, long-distance flights targeted on September 11, 2001.
DeSantis Gunhide has received another order from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for 25,000 31L Air Marshal Holsters for armed airline pilots.
The Chinese air marshals reportedly received training on how to be armed undercover officers on board commercial passenger flights.
Asked if being listed in an SDR has "real-life impacts on people," one marshal replied, "Absolutely." Don Strange, a former agent in charge of air marshals in Atlanta who was fired for trying to reform the agency, elaborated: "[People listed on SDRs] could be placed on a watch list.
US air marshals onboard the flight thought the 12 male Indian citizens aged 25-35, reportedly dressed in traditional South Asian clothing, were acting in a suspicious manner.
Stranger still, says Andrew Thomas, an aviation security expert at the University of Akron, "If the air marshals were properly trained, and could recognize threats, and the threat was so great, why didn't they shoot him on the plane" rather than letting Alpizar run through the aisle and on to the jetway, supposedly with a bomb in his bag.
Doyle said the man was confronted by air marshals but ran off Flight 924.