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a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies

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News Item (U), "Air Guard C124s Make First Runs To Vietnam," The National Guardsman, May 1967, p.
The marines would give up their fixed-wing aircraft (while retaining their helicopters), and the Air Guard would supply any air support they needed.
An Air Guard helicopter, after bringing Alison Fountain to safety, returned to recover the body of Tommy Fountain along with 15 additional rescuers.
First, full Air National Guard unit mobilizations have not occurred at any significant level during this wartime period--the Air Guard has met its deployment responsibilities by using individual volunteers or small parts of units, because the larger units themselves are not ready or able to take on a full mobilization.
California Army Guard helicopter crews and California Air Guard air tanker crews are working in coordination with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and US Forest Service firefighting crews to battle the American, Swedes and Rim fires, Keegan reported.
A dedicated air guard or rigidly enforced priority information requirement (PIR) that included the presence or absence of UAS in the AO could lead to enemy IC assets being spotted before they can see us so appropriate action can be taken.
Air Guard Major Mary Jennings Hegar, a veteran behind the lawsuit, was shot down, returned fire and was wounded while on the duty in Afghanistan.
The Air Guard's C-130J and MC-130 outfitted with forward looking infrared radars can spot them, but he hopes the day comes when the Federal Aviation Administration allows the Guard to fly unmanned aerial vehicles along the coast, which will give authorities an "unblinking eye" there.
I got there when Colonel Chad Manske who worked for me as the wing commander at RAF Mildenhall in the UK was turning the operation over to Brigadier General Roy Uptegraff from the Pennsylvania Air Guard. Roy and his team had just arrived as very quick volunteers to take over this operation.
The Massachusetts National Guard public affairs office described him as the longest-serving member of the state's air guard. He said he could have retired after 20 years' service but chose not to leave what he called "the joy of my life."
For example, adding the nine C-130 squadrons of the Air Force Reserve Command to the Air Guard airlift fleet increases available tactical airlift by 30 percent.
The company said the 19 new clients are Day Air CU, Cumberland County FCU, San Antonio Citizens FCU, Peninsula FCU, Achieve Financial CU, Torrance Community FCU, AAC CU, Tomah Area CU, Ukrainian Self reliance New England FCU, Spirit of America FCU, Health Employees FCU, Evergreen CU, Omaha Douglas FCU, Family Focus FCU, Northern Paper Mills CU, Air Guard FCU, Newaygo County Service Employees CU, Oshkosh Truck CU and Northern Teachers Community CU.
"We worked closely with our regular Air Force and Air Guard partners to rebalance our total force team.
As part of your before-operations PMCS, inspect all of the GRS harnesses, retractors and brackets, but pay special attention to the right-rear air guard bracket.
There are officers from several career fields: maintenance; pilots (fighters, helicopters and mobility); intel; Air Guard and AF Reserve (we are a total force); and FMers.