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The Air Chief said that both the air forces had a long history of enviable cordial relations and expressed the hope that this exercise would help the two air forces to learn from each other's experiences.
Gillett Jr., director, logistics, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va., to commander, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Air Force Materiel Command, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla.
But, also thanks for the chance for me to partner with Mike Wynne with his address that he's given for me to reinforce that and talk about a few things that I believe are critical, since we are a nation at war and we are an Air Force at war.
Air Force Audit Agency, Washington, D.C.: Provides all levels of Air Force management with independent, objective and quality audit services that include: reviewing and promoting economy, effectiveness and efficiency of operations; evaluating programs and activities and assisting management in achieving intended results; assessing and improving Air Force fiduciary stewardship and the accuracy of financial reporting.
Our Air Force delivers six distinctive capabilities; SAF/IA wants to be sure coalition air forces can also provide these capabilities.
Hickam Air Force Base is the first I/T facility support contract outside of the eight Naval facilities RRC is currently operating.
Air Force Base, Pelletier found himself on the cutting edge of the global logistical effort supporting the War on Terrorism.
George Air Force Base and the 831st Medical Group had prepared me for duty in the Middle East in yet another way.
In Korea in 1953, the Air Force virtually abandoned a Marine division encircled by a mass of Chinese troops at the Chosin Reservoir; the terrified Americans escaped only after Marine pilots subverted Air Force commanders and came to their aid.
Pakistan Air Force has been participating in number of International Air Exercises with some of the best Air Forces of the world, including United States Air Force (USAF), Italian Air Force, Turkish Air Force (TuAF), PLAAF (Chinese Air Force) and Air Forces of other allied countries.
WASHINGTON -- As does its enemies, the Air Force considers cyberspace a warfighting domain.
Remarks at the 2006 Air Force Defense Strategy and Transformation Seminar Series, Washington, April 4, 2006
SAF/IARL also supports System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA) and its annual Conference of the Chiefs of the American Air Forces (CONJEFAMER).
Air Force Legal Services Agency, Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C.: Administers the Air Force's civil litigation program, provides judges, counsel and other support for the Air Forces's criminal justice process.
The Czech Air Forces is using SGI visualization and supercomputing technology to help train its pilots at Namest nad Oslavou.
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