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The Air Force DCS-ISR called for such rapid change in Air Force ISR 2023: Delivering Decision Advantage:
The ability to understand enemies' intentions, find and fix targets, and mitigate threats to Air Force and joint war fighters is critical to achieving Air Force ISR operational objectives that enable mission success across the spectrum of air, space and cyberspace.
As a result, Air Force ISR is one of the most critical weapons we have at our disposal.
The Air Force ISR liaison program was also recognized for mitigating shortfalls at the tactical level.
Michael Grunwald, Transforming Air Force ISR for the Long War and Beyond, Wright Flyer Paper no.
It is the first Air Force human intelligence or HUMINT detachment since 1995 and provides new means for the Air Force ISR Agency to accomplish intelligence missions.
During the development and maturation of Sentinel, appreciation of the reliance of joint and allied forces on Air Force ISR capabilities was growing throughout the Air Force as a whole.
Charged with transforming Air Force ISR as the new deputy chief of staff for intelligence, I divided the task into three areas: ISR capabilities, organization and personnel.
To enhance ISR support, AFSPC and the Air Force ISR community should create basic, superintendent, and command assignment opportunities within space.
The integration of Air Force ISR liaison officers (ISRLO) into the TACP addressed the air component's ISR integration into the ground scheme of maneuver.
He said the complexity of the organization left seams in ISR capability, unclear lines of responsibility and a lack of a clear advocate for Air Force ISR capability.
Air Force ISR has largely been conducted these past 20-plus years in a permissive environment.
The idea behind the concept entails building the maximum possible flexibility into these systems by ensuring that the ISR data they produce is compatible with both Army and Air Force ISR exploitation systems as well as Link-16 and Blue Force Tracker tactical data links.
Air Force ISR is about helping leaders make informed decisions to maintain deterrence, contain crises, or achieve success in battle.
ISRLOs are charged with solving the twofold problem of ground forces not effectively utilizing Air Force ISR assets and Air Force ISR operating squadrons not effectively pushing information to ground forces due to limited understanding of ground maneuver.
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