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Synonyms for evacuation



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Synonyms for evacuation

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

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Synonyms for evacuation

the act of removing the contents of something

the act of evacuating

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Air evacuation continued to be a valuable tool for the military in the wars that followed World War II.
It was immediate air evacuation for decompression that guaranteed the uneventful resolution.
With less matte in the emulsion, air evacuation during this drawdown stage requires a little additional time.
Air evacuation under high-level biosafety containment: the aeromedical isolation team.
Coordination must be done between the TF medical platoon leader, FSMC CDR and BDE medical planners for locations of AXPs, FSMC, treatment teams with Level I FLEs, and availability of air evacuation assets, both medical and non-standard.
Benefits are said to include elimination of vacuum holes (no drilling), better air evacuation, and less time required for mold development.
Established in 1957 by Sir Michael Wood, the Flying Doctor provides air evacuation in emergencies as well as in many health care projects throughout Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, and Madagascar.
Her unit, the 801st Air Evacuation Squadron, earned the Presidential Unit Citation.
For these reasons if a patient requires ongoing medical care, it will be necessary for them to disembark at the first appropriate port of call for either care there or emergency air evacuation to an appropriate medical facility.
Experience shows that helicopters should spend the minimum possible time at the air evacuation point as personnel and equipment are already concentrated there as a tempting target.
and C--46s to land troops and equipment and for air evacuation from soon-to-be-captured airfields, and C--119s for air-dropping supplies to advancing UN troops.
Rather than relying on chance air evacuation through pinholes in the film and seals, they are designed to have reliable air evacuation through a standard perforation pattern.
Fondarex, a leader in vacuum diecasting technology, featured its MAXIP valve with a mechanical closing time of only 0.001 sec, gas and air evacuation during the complete cavity-filling process, blow out function for evacuation and initial piston and 50% more evacuation capacity than valves of the same size.
Last night, it was reported that Ethiopian military chiefs had called a 13-hour ceasefire to allow an emergency air evacuation of the foreigners still trapped in Eritrea.