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delivery of supplies or equipment or personnel by dropping them by parachute from an aircraft

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and Russia have pointed to the less effective nature of air drops. The WFP carried out a 21-pallet air drop of aid to a government-held area of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria February, which ended in failure.
He said the UN food agency, the World Food Programme (WFP), had briefed the US on how the air drops could be carried out.
However, the glider developed snags and failed to air drop the terrorists in Pathankot.
Summary: Approval comes as Turkey criticises US air drops to Kurds, with Erdogan saying some of deliveries had fallen into wrong hands.
The British involvement has been limited to air drops and providing logistical support - surveillance and refuelling - for US aid flights.
"The sky is literally the limit for imaging enthusiasts with the Nokia Lumia 1020," Farrell told the media and imaging enthusiasts after the breath-taking air drop. "[It] will bring a new dimension to the art of capturing life's moments."
forces conducted an air drop operation on a village in al-Huweija district and raided some houses, killed a physician and arrested his brother.
8 (Petra)- Israeli occupation forces on Monday made a helicopter air drop west of the West Bank town of Jenin , carried out military exercises and set up several checkpoints, Palestinian security sources said.
I well remember low flying exercises in the Derbyshire hills prior to posting to India where we were one of the first squadrons to air drop supplies to army outposts in the hills bordering Afghanistan.
Visual conditions prevailed for the air drop flight, which was originating at the time of the accident.
-- Since October 2005, the Air Mobility Warfare Center has partnered in an effort to revolutionize the way the Air Force does its airlift air drops in the expeditionary environment and around the globe with the Joint Precision Air Drop System, or JPADS, initiative.
Pellets cut in the open air drop into a stream of water that takes three or four spins inside the housing and exits with the quenched pellets.
We will have to invent things like precision air drop and be able to air drop to our Soldiers and Marines on the ground with the same precision we deliver bombs.