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a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

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The 21 metres long Air Cushion Vehicle with 31 tonnes displacement can achieve a maximum speed of 45 knots.
Key statement: An abrasion-resistant skirt material for use with air cushion vehicles having at least one air chamber.
Our experienced team is eager to get to work building air cushion vehicles once again in our shipyard and supporting the U.
He will represent AeroGo engineered and standard air caster products including air pallets, planks, load modules, drives and air cushion vehicles for aerospace, power, manufacturing, rigging and clean room applications.
Okha (Gujarat), June 11 ( ANI ): Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-187, the first of the series of twelve Air Cushion Vehicles (ACVs) designed and built by Griffon Hoverwork Limited (GHL), UK, was commissioned by Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan, the Director General Indian Coast Guard, at Okha in Gujarat today.
leader in the design and construction of advanced technology air cushion vehicles, surface effect ships, high performance search and rescue vessels, combat vehicles, turrets and advanced suspension systems, Textron Marine & Land Systems, Division of Textron Inc.