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{30} In early August 1943, the Fourth Air Army had an operational strength of 130 aircraft (the Navy's operational strength in the Solomons-New Guinea area at this time was approximately 220 aircraft).
The Fourth Air Army agreed to land the remaining strength of its 2nd Parachute Group at the Valencia airfield north of Ormoc.
An Air Army freighter had dispatched, July 18, a humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip, carrying on board 3 doctors and 11 tonnes of medicines and other health-care equipment and five tonnes of food supplies.
Chad air army raided three times the area of Jabel Sandu south of El Geneina, which lies about 60 kilometers inside Sudan.
Supported by the artillery and the air army after having progressed on several actions, the military units operate, henceforth, inside the closed military zone, preceded by the army engineers and commandos embedded in armored vehicles, he said.
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