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an airfoil that controls lateral motion

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Airworthiness directives issued by the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency require operators to inspect 757 aileron trim actuator bearings and attachment lugs within 1,760 flight hours-roughly six months-from each directive's July 12 effective date.
Caption: Brett Lee, a pneudralics systems mechanic at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, disassembles a hydraulic servo system actuator assembly used on a Super Hornet aileron.
Fourteen pounds of the weight loss came from redesigning the ailerons. They received a new cross section that included reshaping the nose, moving the hinge line and making them fatter--the nose bulges above and below the wing, similar to the design of the Pitts Model 12.
At three miles, I heard it again, and quickly mashed down to reset the ailerons. This reset worked and I continued to the ball call.
The size and geometrical aspect of the individual control aileron are shown in Figure 1.
Examination of the input matrix shows that in the differential mode, the elevators are about 60% as effective as the ailerons in producing roll moment.
Ankara, Turkey-based TAI now makes ailerons and spoilers--small parts on the wing--for the Airbus
The plane still has conventional control panels, such as ailerons that are typically raised or lowered to turn, or roll, the aircraft, and flaps, which are extended or retracted to vary the amount of lift.
Cetex composites of Fortron PPS and carbon-fiber fabric form the ailerons and the large keel beam of the new Airbus models.
To roll, for example, Malby adjusts the position of hinged panels called ailerons on the edge of each wing.
Trim the elevator to hold proper pitch, then the rudder to get the ball centered and finally the ailerons to get the wings level.
Saab has signed an extended contract with Airbus to continue producing ailerons for the Airbus A320 series.
Paris, France, June 27, 2011 --( Hampson Aerospace (Hampson), the international aerospace group, announced today that its Hampson Aerospace Aerostructures & Composites Division has won a contract to supply HondaJet Ailerons.