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an airfoil that controls lateral motion

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The Aileron assemblies are comprised of monolithic and sandwich composite parts manufactured in-house by Kaman, brought together into the final assembly with bought-out components from the Kaman supply chain.
In the approach configuration, the ailerons drop to match the trailing edge flaps, and when one fails, it is driven to a neutral position by air loads.
Hampson is pleased to announce the award of the HondaJet Ailerons contract to its aerostructures company, which operates out of Wigan in the UK.
On this particular aircraft there are two ailerons and a rolled spoiler.
The size and geometrical aspect of the individual control aileron are shown in Figure 1.
Saab Aerostructures was awarded a renewed, $60 million contract by Airbus UK to supply ailerons for A320 family aircraft.
4 million to purchase three ailerons (wing components that stabilize the aircraft during flight), $7.
The ``neural network'' software would sense damage and automatically adjust the usable control surfaces, such as flaps or ailerons, to compensate.
The plane still has conventional control panels, such as ailerons that are typically raised or lowered to turn, or roll, the aircraft, and flaps, which are extended or retracted to vary the amount of lift.
The team of technicians keenly discovered that one of the cables was improperly rigged and incorrectly routed for both spoilers and ailerons.
Cetex composites of Fortron PPS and carbon-fiber fabric form the ailerons and the large keel beam of the new Airbus models.
JAL switched aircraft and the flight to Indonesia was due to depart in the evening, but then there were problems with the ailerons and JAL eventually canceled the flight altogether.
To roll, for example, Malby adjusts the position of hinged panels called ailerons on the edge of each wing.
The flight controls receive and process data from the pilot and aircraft sensors and direct movement of the F-18's control surfaces, including rudders, elevators and ailerons.