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an island in the Aegean Sea in the Saronic Gulf

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Aigina is one of several islands off the coast of Athens and is a popular get-a-way for the city's residents and tourists.
Aigina Aegina Egine Egine Egina Aegine all derived by hook or crook from the sound of the Greek and the difficulty of transliterating words from the Greek alphabet (by certain criteria the first invented, and the last).
The glossary is extremely thorough; the maps look good but have flaws (check, e.g., Salamis and Aigina on map 1).
(91) The Greek ships at Pogon (8.42.1) and those presumed to be on Aigina (46.1) which did not join Eurybiades at Artemision were not posted to prevent a circumnavigation, nor could the Athenian reserves have done that job had they stayed by Attica, as appointed in the Trozen inscription.
The Aigina treasure; Aegean Bronze Age jewellery and a mystery revisited.
It is very likely that these larger tripods were imported to the site, perhaps from Aigina, because the fabric consistently contains large sparkling inclusions similar to those observed in the ovoid cooking jars mentioned above.
Carey's own suggestion is that `we should detect in [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the influence of the idea of motion implied in [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (42): `And you, Euthymenes, twice from Aigina casting yourself/rushing into the arms of Victory made contact with ornate songs'.
(178) The presence of tripod cooking pots from Aigina shows that pottery could be obtained from sources even further afield.
On every merchantman, in every skiff Go, sweet song from Aigina, And spread the news that Lampon's son, Pythias, sturdy and strong, Has won the wreath of All Strength in the Nemean games.(63)