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Synonyms for A

a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron)

any of several fat-soluble vitamins essential for normal vision

one of the four nucleotides used in building DNA

(biochemistry) purine base found in DNA and RNA

the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen

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The company has also signed an agreement with the DLI as it will soon start its project that will be located at the AIE.
One surprising long-lasting consequence of adolescent alcohol use observed repeatedly in AIE studies is the retention of adolescent phenotypes into adulthood.
The next day, they were treated with AIE (50 and 150 [g/ml) for 4 h prior to a 30 min or 18 h stimulation period with LPS (1 [micro]g/ml).
AIE is anonymous if Enc(pp, x) leaks no information about x.
However, the triggering factor remains unknown for a considerable percentage of patients with AIE. We recently reported two female cases with tumor-negative anti-NMDAR encephalitis after resection of melanocytic nevus.[sup][16] Our observation suggests a possible link between AIE and melanocytic nevus.
(5) La conceptualizacion de estas relaciones que tensan desde su interior a los AIE, se encuentra notablemente ausente del celebre ensayo sobre IAIE.
While receiving the award, Rasheed Phularwan thanked the AIE management and vowed to continue working for the cause of education.
Richard Bruges, co-founder of the Proving Factory, said: "AIE's design has real potential for a range of low-carbon applications.
La AIE es una enfermedad de distribucion mundial [2, 9, 24] que ocasiona grandes perdidas en la especie equina [9] incluyendo al CCV, al igual que la leucosis bovina es trasmitida por agentes hematofagos.
AIE holds a conditional license for the construction of a 120mw cogeneration power station in Israel.
The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has joinedAccess Info Europe(AIE) in calling on the government to improve its access to information bill to meet international transparency standards.
Recognising these issues, Castell says it examined how it could develop its durable AI and AIE access interlocks to deliver enhanced products that would meet the day-to-day operational cycles encountered in heavy industry.
The incident occurred on an Air India Express (AIE) flight from Mangalore to Bahrain recently, when a passenger discovered the deceased creepy-crawlies in their breakfast stew.