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(Greek mythology) the god of the underworld in ancient mythology

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The jeremiads of White House aides flow tiredly together.
Maria is helping Emma dress when pool aides ask for help with an incontinent man.
Davis aides said the governor intends to continue signing legislation and making appointments, and noted that any bills that are not acted upon by Monday automatically become law.
Addressing "direct care staffing shortages," the study found: "Over the next several years, even before the baby boomers begin retiring, nurse aide jobs are expected to be among the fastest growing in the workforce.
Our 400 Home Health Aides already care for hundreds of elderly, disabled and recuperating patients in the comfort of patients' own homes," says Aisha Lucas, Fedcap's Vice President for Home Care Services.
Now, teachers' aides and assistants must prove that they either have two years of college or passed two district skills tests - one that focuses on instructional knowledge and another that tests reading and math skills.
Another group of senior Kerry staffers is comprised of people who were young and relatively junior White I louse aides in the final Clinton years.
Let's return to our hypothetical example: the search for Web-based training on prompted voiding, geared toward nurse aides.
Aides to politicians were also involved in many other forms of wrongdoing.
Recommending Strict New Rules at Nursing Homes" and subtitled "Officials Say Patients May Be Endangered by Shortage of Both Nurses and Aides.
Besides hiring people with home healthcare aide certification, we also looked for caring people with a spiritual base," he says.
A recent survey indicates that over 5 million American adults with physical limitations have a temporary or life-long need for assistance from personal care aides.
We're thrilled, especially because we know how innovative they can be," said Olivier Denoue, Managing Director of AIDES.
I have my suspicions,'' said Councilman Eric Garcetti, among the most technologically savvy of council members, as he ticked off the names of a number of council aides who have shown interest in the cyberworld and related issues.