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(Greek mythology) the god of the underworld in ancient mythology

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The two aides decided to hold more meetings on these issues though no date was set as Nami has prior engagements in the near future.
It was also alleged a video existed in which it is said an aide had performed oral sex on the royal.
Three of the aides, Vano Saralidze, Ketevan Saralidze, and Hershl Schwartz, have pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny.
When AB187 came out, we believed that the NSBN could work with the language and safely regulate medication aides, but the Board believes more research needs to be done regarding the safety of medication aides in medical settings.
Schwarzenegger's aides surely do well from their contributor-financed moonlighting.
We joke about the raft of conservative legislative aides that will be looking for work this winter.
Most of what she's learned, however, has been through the network of aides who keep each other up to date on the latest and greatest in high-level entertaining.
More than half of the states have established training programs for medication aides or will have programs implemented in the near future, ALFA found in a recent survey of policies and practices in states nationwide.
Founded in 1999, Springfield, Missouri-based E-quipping published specialty educational products used by nurses, aides, and nurse managers in skilled nursing, home health, and assisted living facilities.
Tim Myles, an instructional aide turned seventh-grade science teacher, admits, "It was not an easy year, but no one dropped out.
Unlike other companies that may have collateral to help secure a start-up loan, in-home aide care doesn't have equipment, computers, etc.
Prosecutors found those aides actually worked for her, and the money was channeled to them through companies from which the aides had been seconded.
A total of 17 predominantly female instructional aides from five elementary schools in three midwestern U.
Treasury Department official ten years ago, he circulated a fifty-page study advocating the change, and he followed up this year by prevailing on President Bush and his senior aides to support the idea.