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an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer

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You may remember Andrew Krantz, the General's Aide de Camp, who placed first in that race at 17 minutes 9 seconds flat
His grandson edited it, deleting many of the details of logistics and transport, and republished it as The Russian Campaign: Memoirs of Napoleon's Aide de Camp in 1894-95.
From 1995-1997 he was Aide de Camp to the Honourable Henry N.
in a sizzling version of the twang-busting evergreen ``Hot Rod Lincoln'' - and, later in the day, watching onetime Captain Beefheart aide de camp Gary Lucas extracting the sounds of the spheres out of his dazzling Stratocaster with his open-ended jazz-rock-whatsis band, Gods and Monsters.
Julian will be returning to pantoland, and bringing his unique and original humour to the role of Dandini, Prince Charming's aide de camp.
Arvis Owens, aide de camp, Naval Inventory Control Point.
Dirty Dick Burton's Aide de Camp, 2002, depicts a primate--the common langoor (Presbytis entellus)--standing in an abandoned nineteenth-century-style camp (somewhere in the "Orient") clutching a hookah, the "Dick" Burton referenced actually Sir Richard Burton, a "gentleman-naturalist" who once invited forty monkeys to his dinner table so he could learn their language.
The Army authorizes general officers to have the assistance of a personal staff, to include an officer aide de camp (1) and enlisted soldiers.
Instead, it has cast its lot with General Wiranto, Suharto's defense minister and former aide de camp.
The Napoleon Reserve de Castex (named after a family member who was an aide de camp of Napoleon 1) is made from 80% grapes grown in the Grande Champagne appellation and 20 % from Fin Bois.