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a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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"The Aide Memoire sets out some informal principles for consideration, in line with the statement adopted by the ministerial meeting of the ISG on Dec.
This new edition of the Psychotropic Drug Directory continues the initial purpose of the work, which is to provide a rapid and operational source of accessible and updated information on psychotropic medication, thus functioning as a genuine aide memoire. The chapters include psychopharmacological therapeutic options for the major psychiatric disorders, by referring to standard indications, to the selection of pharmacologic agents, to titrating, dosing and, of course, to the particularities of switching.
The meeting resulted in signing of aide memoire between Astana EXPO-2017 and the facilitation team of the Sustainable Energy for All' initiative to define areas of cooperation between the two institutions.
R N N Lockhart commander in chief of the Indian Army, Air Marshal T W Elmhirst commanding the Royal Indian Air Force and Rear Admiral J T S Hall -- to sign on the aide memoire that no plans were made for sending Indian troops to Kashmir before October 25, three days before the tribal incursions began.
This has been disclosed in an aide memoire submitted to planning and development department by World Bank/ Department for International Development Joint Implementation Support Mission.
MY normal aide memoire is a beer mat in my back pocket.
Summoning Indonesian Ambassador Sebastianus Sumarsono in Yangon, Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister U Thant Kyaw handed an aide memoire to the ambassador Saturday, calling on the Indonesian government to immediately investigate into the matter to expose the cause of the incident.
What is more, tattooing things like 'Find him, kill him' along with various suspects' names all over your body by way of an aide memoire is probably only going to result in panic at the local swimming baths the next time you disrobe for a dip.
In the second program, from February through June, we focused on Aide Memoire, an evening-length work laden with the ghosts of the Holocaust.
There were 89 sets of operative notes in the later time period for which the aide memoire was not completed.
The report is an aide memoire that Japanese officials stay nervous about the attitude for the country's export-led improvement, dreading that weaker progress abroad or a stronger yen could slay out the economic revival.
He mourns the loss of our aide memoire Christian language, telling the Christian story, theological education, blurring distinctions between the ecumenical and interreligious, etc.
Aide Memoire from Pre-Appraisal Mission (February 2008)
I'd plump for it being a Christmas aide memoire to ensure she didn't forget to buy her turkey and put it in foil.