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a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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R N N Lockhart commander in chief of the Indian Army, Air Marshal T W Elmhirst commanding the Royal Indian Air Force and Rear Admiral J T S Hall -- to sign on the aide memoire that no plans were made for sending Indian troops to Kashmir before October 25, three days before the tribal incursions began.
The aide memoire has reviewed the implementation progress of Second Punjab Education Sector Reform Program and assessed the achievement of the project's ten Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) in education sector.
From my first day on the kibbutz, repertory like Aide Memoire challenged me to reach what Mika Webber, Dance Journey artistic director, describes as "always going above your limits, searching for more, never letting go, and never saying, 'That's all I can do.
It is popular also with consultant colleagues who use it as an aide memoire when less common anaesthesia problems arise in the course of daily practice.
With African Banker's summary of the day's presentations, and photographs of the key presenters, I now have an invaluable resource and aide memoire for future reference.
Aide Memoire from Pre-Appraisal Mission (February 2008)
Undergraduate and postgraduate students will find these resumes helpful, while for those experiencing Arthurian overload they form a welcome aide memoire.
I'd plump for it being a Christmas aide memoire to ensure she didn't forget to buy her turkey and put it in foil.
It could be a simple aide memoire like the 'mirror-signal-manoeuvre' you may have learned in a driving lesson, or more complex categories that you create to link things together.
A Central Intelligence Agency document dated April 12, 1969 showed that South Korea in its aide memoire to the U.
The borough council is launching a Shoppers' Charter which will be distributed to shoppers in the form of a small aide memoire, which fits into a purse or wallet.
Its main purpose is to act as an aide memoire on a worldwide scale of the landscapes engineers might find themselves working in.
You can shrink the whole five-act text of Hamlet into a few thousand characters serving as an aide memoire, enabling you to back translate into the original's golden syllables.