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a town in western Washington

a town in northeastern South Dakota

a town in northeastern Maryland

a city in northeastern Scotland on the North Sea

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However, the Aiberdeen researchers say the king wisnae gasping fer a drink, but needed the "aqua vite" for its original purpose - as a preparation for gunpowder.
Ye could see maybe the auld Mill o Aiberdeen. And then, at the next stepping stone, ye could sit doon, analyse yerself and see how far ye've come, and how far ye're gaun.
Geordie likit the drink, ye see, an he took e train intae Aiberdeen ae Settirday nicht.
Meevin on tae my advice a twa three-wikks syne tae bumblin Boris o at ilk, fin skailin reid wine aa ower his bidey-in's cooch, at ye keep sypin waater on the carpet an dash't I nivver thocht at my scant knowledge o hoosehold chores be challeng't, bit ere wis ma gweed freen Charlie Smith, a Huntly loon noo bidin in Aiberdeen, pittin in his hap'wirth on ma mischanter.
THERE'S a sad tradition Aiberdeen cooncillors seem determined to follow - letting much-loved places fall into rack and ruin, until they're too expensive to save.
Morshead's last act might have been to fix the roof on Wednesday after Kim Bailey's By the Boardwalk won, sparking a rowdy, drunken chorus of "Down by the Sea" by the "Aiberdeen" mob.
So we sneaked away fae training so we could oafer Big Dug rides tae the weans doon the beach at Aiberdeen.
Doon Union Street and roun the Queen, big croods assemble there, For hunders come tae Aiberdeen tae Muckle Friday Fair.